Saturday, April 9, 2011

Medical Times

A pot pouring of not much:

I awoke this morn feeling  bad - 3rd day in a row - sore throat.  In the past these throats have been from "drainage."  Sure, talking about drainage is not the coolest thing.   I figure:  Today is Friday.  Next comes the weekend.  What doctor is gonna help me on weekends?  The throat might only get worse, worst, worser.  To the phone, got an appointment for 1:45.

I was early.  Didn't make any difference, they called me back at 1:45, and the doc didn't see me till about 2:00.  And that is okay.  I like my doctor,  Dr. Merrill.   He has a pleasant bedside manner and always seems interested and pleased to see you.  The doc has a new nurse.  His old nurse retired on Jan. 15th and the new one came in. 

This part I like the best.  She opened the door to the waiting room and called my name.  She even pronounced it correctly.  As we trudged down the hallway, she said - and I do paraphrase here - "You are much younger looking than I expected.  I was looking for a much older man."   This lady gets an "A."   No, make that an "A+."   I look much younger than my age?  What does an 70 year old guy look like?   She probably thought I looked closer to 68.   Still, that nurse knows how to get my blood pressure down.

Which reminds me, bp was 122 / 70.   Sounds good to me.
The doc thinks I either have a virus or allergies from being outside lately.  The Oak trees are really acting up right now.  I  t'was sent on my way with a RX for bacteria infection  IF MY  drainage starts getting major coloring.  Yep.  He says don't use it unless I really need to.  The prescription rests comfortably in my billfold.


enough for now - bed time - my head is just singing away - ringing away.   Been told this is my ears ringing.   Continuous singing.   It will never go away.  All of my young readers should be cautioned about loud music.  Being a band director forever put me in front of some pretty loud groups.   Just sayin..........


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