Thursday, July 13, 2023

I need a drink - squawk

 SQUAWK =  CHIRP     = TWITTER (but not the internet)

Sometimes I don't remember what I write about - (poor English sentence structure)

So, Sooosss, I sits here at the machine looking out the window to my side.  Nothing is stirring other than an occasional working pickup truck whizzing by.  The sun is going west while my window faces east.  Sitting here with my CEFCO big gulp in my right hand looking out the window.

A bird flies by and lands in the shade outside my window.  Interesting.  He's a nice little bird - some dark color.  Could be a boy bird or a girl bird.  That has been hard for me to tell  most times.  The really pretty birds are boys - strutting about to show off for his gal.  This bird was dark.  I spoke through the window at him.  He didn't care or hear.  The big air conditioner is roaring out there.

The widdle birdy walks across the yard.  I figure he's looking for a juicy bug.  Who wouldn't be?  A nice juicy bug on a hot July afternoon lounging in the shaded grass.  That's the life of Riley.  I watch him strutt through the bermuda.  He goes over to the air conditioner - really?

My A.C. - as does yours - has a white plastic pipe coming down from the attic unit.  AC works by pulling humidity out of the air and funneling it outside into the yard.  With that bit of knowledge planted, look at my little bird.

He walks over to the white pipe and sticks his beak under it - yes, he is getting a drink of water.  Is this a smart bird?  Or do all birds know this trick?  I watched him for some time until he flew the coup.  What-do-ya-know-Joe?  I marveled.  Then, another bird landed in the grass.  This time it is a big ole black bird.  Same trick.  I marveled.

Over the past week or so, I continued to be fascinated by my parade of birds.  All sipping nectar from a dripping A.C. conveyor pipe.  I had an idea.

Out in the shed I found a small bowl - left over from somewhere - cereal bowl - or perhaps once it held mashed potatoes on a Sunday afternoon.  I don't remember.  I placed the bowl under the end of the pipe.  Within moments it began to fill with cool water - well, as cool as water can be under the circumstances.

Now I have a continual flight of birds - small, large, in between.  No Eagles yet.  They not only drink, they bathe, they stand in the water and wash food, they sip and slurp.  Why haven't I thought of this before?  FYI: some stand on the edge of the bowl and put their beaks in the water - sidewise.  I suppose they can't suck in water so they trap it inside the beak.   

I enjoy this show.

Join me - find a dish and join the sloshing.  Who knows, maybe a passing rabbit or dog or elephant will make a short stop.  I'm waiting.

Mike #3

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