Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Go paperless today!


How many of these do you get or have you already gone paperless?  Not me.

I have a few accounts that are paperless because it pleases me, not "thee oh mighty corporation."  

Aside:  I do believe in free market and making money.  I'd just prefer to keep mine a bit longer.

I love it when they say that I will save time by not getting something in the mail. They are right.  I won't have to open the envelope.  all I have to do is open a website, remember the password, get the amount, decide if I need a copy for my records, print it here and file.

Got one yesterday which said that if I go paperless, I would have more time to enjoy Summer Fun.  Yep.  Summer Fun.  It has been over 100 for a couple of weeks.  Whar's the Fun?  {with apologies to the Whar's the Beef lady }.

Paperless helps the company.  It does not help me.  I file all receipts for later tax purposes.  How many times have I had to dig through the files to find a receipt so I could check what the company says?   How many times?  If I have to print the receipt, who pays for the paper and the ink?  Less Summer Fun.

This is blubbering.  I'll stop.

Tomorrow:  rant about the local water company and my bank - or have I already done that?  Question:  if we are having a water shortage, what are they doing now so we won't have the problem next year?  Whine.

Lots of question marks in this report today.



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