Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Gonna ramble here

Since it has been about a month since I visited my blog/bloggy/blug/bluggy/blooper,  I figure it is about time to let you know I'm still alive - I'm Alive!

Sitting here looking out my window at the dying grass, my dog Sadie reclined in the door way - tail wagging - trying to get my attention...she has just been fed and is as contented as a small dog can be on a full stomach -- but the dying grass.  I don't know what to do.  Water company has put us all on class 3 restrictions, water once a week and turn off you front yard fountains ... don't have a fountain.  Instead I have a blow up Uncle Sam using electricity in celebration of the 4th.  There is probably a Level 3 electric restriction somewhere.

I water on Wednesday.  Today is Wednesday.  Forgot this morning.  will water tonight, which brings up another issue for me.

I got my water bill last week.  It showed that I had used 58,000 gallons of water.  58,000.  That is a big number.  Sure, I watered my lawn twice a week - it was only level 2 restrictions then.  Last year, I never used more than 28,000 even in the hottest weather.  

{ Aside: did ja know that the word hottest has 3 Ts?  I tried it with 2 Ts, but "spell check" reprimanded me.  So it is ==>  Hot Test not Hot Est.  I bet I'd have missed that one on my 6th grade spelling test. }

The water company came out & said I had a water leak.  I know where it is.  The Sprinkler System has a leak.  I did some tests around.  That's it.  So, if I run the sprinkler tonight, I will water the lawn - AND - I will water somewhere else with my water leak.  Can anyone, other than me, see the potential for an enormous sprinkler system fixit repair bill?  Didja know that stage 4 restrictions are BUCKET watering only.  That is a joy to look forward to.  

"Whar's mah bucket, Maw?"


Outside my window and down about 10 feet is our outside A.C. unit.  It hums and hums all day long.  As you know, the A.C. pulls moisture out of the air and drips it outside via a white pipe.  Now, lately I've notice birds flying down and landing outside my window - looking for bugs?  Nope.  They walk over to that white pipe and get a drink of water.  There is my outside water fountain.


I bought a propane tank for my outside grill.  We've lived here for 2 years without firing up the grill.  When we moved, nobody would transport the old tank here - guess there is a law about propane transportation.  $58 at our HEB Grocery store.  It was here for the 4th.  My daughter bought some steaks, veggies, and potatoes for a very nice feast.  There are leftovers if you're interested.


Little black bird with a white stripe on the side of his head walking south by my window - gonna guzzle my Stage 3 water supply.

Here's a bit of a medical thing.  You know that I am old:  82 and a half.  My wife is now 82 and three quarters.  Yes, she is older than I.  She's had a bit of a problem moving around.  Fear of falling is almost as bad as actually hitting the ground. {and we learn that hitting is really HIT  TING not Hit  Ing. It is good to learn new things.}  She has signed up for some physical therapy.  They give her exercises.  I do them with her.  Some days I cannot believe how good a person that I yam.   Up-down-up-down 10 times.  Loving it.


I miss going to the Canton Flea Market (1st Mondays).  The distance from here is too far for just one day of looking.  There is nothing I need to buy.  There is nothing for my cash supply to liberate.  Maybe I need a new purple martin house.  I miss going to their dog town and looking at the puppies. Everyone tells me that I don't need another puppy.  What do they know?  I'd love to have another female wire-hair dachshund to go with me until I am gone.


To finish this up, a little political comment:




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