Thursday, February 25, 2021

This is the week that izz

 This is part 2 of a 3 part blog.  See the blog below to get the temperature.  Then, don't forget the one above for the cool down.

So the newer car is in the garage.  The snow storm hits.  This in itself is usually not a problem.  If you get snow in Texas, 24 hours later it is a memory.  Not this time.

Thanks to the inept electrical people we lost power for 4 hours.  Back on for 2.  Off for 8 hours.  This continued from Sunday through Wednesday.  Our house temperature began to work its way down.  Now, I have to brag on the builders of this house, Tilson Homes.  Our temperature never sank below 60.  The air pump and aux. heat kept going and going - think Energizer Bunny.  The temperature stayed below freezing for a hundred hours or so.  Nothing defrosted.  If you live in Texas, this is not news.

It was bad.  Our water pressure started dropping.  Eventually, we had no water pressure at all.  Luckily I had water stored in the garage because I carry it in the motor home.  We were okay.  I went to the propane tank and checked the level.  We were at 35 %.  Our delivery guy likes to refill when it gets down to 20%.  We were okay there.  All Texans know, this went on for several days.   By Friday, thawing had begun.

My #2 grand daughter turned 18 on Friday.  We had a card ready to mail on Monday (President's day).  Mail didn't run, and we didn't either.  The mailbox is a mile away up several small hills.  We went no place.

Saturday dawned.  Wait.   When I first conceived this blog, I had so much to say about the snow and ice.  It was planned to extend for page after page.  I guess time heals all wounds.  I am not as passionate about that problem this week.  The water problem was major.  How can I discuss that strongly enough.  It was a terrible time.  It was truly a bad week.

Saturday.  I opened the garage and backed out the car.  I walked around the car  looking at the slanting driveway.  Yes, our driveway is a hill.  Things looked fine except a small patch of snow/ice about halfway up.  Satisfied that I could make it up the hill, I started inside to round up the dogs.  That is when I hit a very small patch of ice with my left foot.  Down I went.   I hit hard on my left side - the left arm and shoulder seemingly taking the brunt of the fall.   It is amazing how gravity can pull you down before you can make an effort to respond.  It was step, down, thump.

Sure my shoulder hurt a bit, but I was okay.  I turned my head slightly and was nose to nose with the small black piece of ice.  I swear it smiled and chuckled.   I struggled to my feet and made it into the garage.  I was okay.  Didn't hit my head.  Back inside, I rounded up the dogs and we headed for town.  The wife had a haircut appt at 11:30. Our drive to town and later was not a problem.  It was okay.

We now move above to part 3.


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