Thursday, February 25, 2021

That was the week that wuz

 This should become a 3 part blog.  I plan on two more entries which should be found above this one - if I do it correctly.  If not, part 2 & 3 will be somewhere below.  Your guess at this moment is as good as mine.

That was the week that wuz.

If there were ever a month that was going to cause emotional distress, this has been it.  It hasn't seem to let off since - well, way back in November.   I'm still waiting for that 3rd stimulus check so I can stimulate someone else.

At the start of February, I decided to trade my 2014 Red/Black wonderful Ford Flex for a 2019, any color Ford Flex Limited.  The older car was fine, but it has 91000 miles under its engine belt.  I wasn't so much worried that it would quit running.  I worried about little cosmetic things and the fact that at 100,000 miles its value would plummet...soar downward...slip into oblivion...slide in a spiral past double 00.   

I went online every night for over a week looking for a 2019 Flex.  They were there.  Most Ford dealers carried at least one  - used.  They didn't make a 2020.  As I read each entry, it was obvious.  All of these had been rentals.  All had over 30,000 miles - many well-over.  Color choices would be white or black.  And, many were AWD.  I needed a FWD car in order to pull behind the motorhome.   It is not surprising how many used car dealers would not straight answers about the cars.  "C'mon in and drive it."  Who is going to drive 100 miles to test drive a used car when the salesman is ignoring your questions.

Finally, I settled on 2 cars in Brownwood.  One white and One black.  both over 30,000.   I asked the salesman (a good ole boy) a money question.  He evaded the answer and invited me to drop in over the weekend.  On a whim, I looked at dealers around Austin again.   There was a 2019, white, with under 10,000 miles at Covert Ford in Hutto.  I was online.  A person online tried to talk to me.  I responded about the car and asked a simple question.  Is the middle seat a bench seat or captain's chairs?  He'd get back to me.

Over 24 hours later, no response.  It was about 6 pm, and I was talking to daughter Christine who lives in that area.  She hung up the phone and called Covert as they were closing.  A salesman took the call and called me.  I didn't want this 10K car to get away.  Here was the deal.  I drive to Hutto and do the paperwork.  I leave my 2014 with them.  They give me a loaner to drive home.  I go back down on Tuesday to pick up new car.  The car was in transport.  All of this is explained in another blog below.

Long story short  (too late)  Ice storm hits about the 8th.  Car isn't ready anyway.  Storm continues through Thursday.  I get word car is ready.  We drive down through the patches of ice and pick it up on Friday.  Drive home - park car in garage - and snow storm hits.

this brings us to part 2 above.

happy going.  

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