Sunday, February 28, 2021

And Sunday has arrived

I like to write about things that I believe are funny - or -  humorous happenings I just happen to bump into.  { For a grammar major (not me) that previous sentence would be a "major" sore spot and perfect for putting into a grammar exam. }  

The trouble with staying at home 24/7 = ? = nothing much happens inside my house.  I can arrange a few chuckles as the day goes by.  Nothing really happens that would make it into the Chuckle Hall of Fame.  Watching the news for humor is more than I care to experience.  My wife shows me photos online of funny dachshunds.  I like that; but, they are hard to convert into words.

Right now, my dog Sadie is barking out back.  I just know she has seen a squirrel in a tree.  Our trees are probably 50 ft high or more.  It takes two people stretching to reach around the base of most trees.   Here we have a puppy that is shorter than one foot, running around the base of trees barking 50 ft. into the air as squirrels fly between branches.  It keeps her heart rate up.  If you can look the absurdity of Sadie's predicament,  there could be humor in that.  She doesn't think it is funny.  The squirrels could care less.  Too much barking can annoy.

So yesterday I spent 24 straight hours doing nothing of value.  I slept late; I took a nap in the afternoon, I watched TV.  My wife told me that I was healing  (fractured rib - see previous bluggys).  I suppose that was valuable, hard work.   Last night I slept in my chair till 3 a.m.; then, I felt uncomfy and tried the real bed.  It was better.  That means I am healing.  I have slept in that chair since last Saturday night, the day of my great ice slide.  So those 5 hours in the real bed were a sign of progress.   (Sadie is still barking.)

Nothing of value did I   --   unless you count...

 I did hold Sadie on my lap as she snuggled up against my chin - we loved and snuggled.  

I did go throw the ball for Oscar in the afternoon.  That didn't last long - too wet outside.  It would be nice if things dried out for a short spell.  

I did scritch Bruno's ears - they are big and floppy and need scritching.

Oh, Oh, Oh, I did drive up and got the mail...we have to drive a mile to the mailbox.  An individual, far better than I, would hike up to get the mail every day.  One mile up and one mile down - they would have to be much better than I.  

So I will sit here and heal this afternoon.  I don't know if I will need a nap.  Perhaps, this is the day to finish the taxes.  That day must come.  I'm off to a good start today staying in par with yesterday.  It is time for lunch.

Toodle Doo


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