Sunday, August 11, 2013

Grammy Camp is over

Grammy Camp is over.
The g-girls have returned to Lubbock.
This morning I was able to move around the house without bumping into sleepy children.
My dogs (mainly Bruno) were able to sleep through the night without barking at bumps in the
I slept semi-late this morning.
I took a nap in the afternoon.
The wife picked up the house, washed sheets, put the trundle bed away, took the dining room table
        leaf out, and general fixed the house for 2 old people to live.
The dogs were able to eat without worrying about their cousin dogs "looking at me!"
I watched no children's / middle school humor / teenage shows on TV.
We had a good week.
They say Smurf 2
They went swimming  twice.
We drove to Athens (TX) to the Tx parks & wildlife fish hatchery.  A great place to take kids.
       For the low entry fee, there are great displays, and you can actually fish for sun fish or catfish
      - poles provided - bait provided...nice fishing pond.  It is a catch and and release place.  You
      can pay $10 extra, you can keep 5 catfish.  Photos on the wall indicate that some big fish live
     in that pond.
We ate pizza twice - hot dogs once - burgers - and more.

I could go on and on - but won't.  Grammy Camp is fun.   (today I heard of someone else who is having kids over - they call it Camp Grammy.   cute.)

Final:  I was going to have each kid write a blog about camp - somehow, we never got to it.  So I am writing their father and telling him to let this write something here if they would like.  If they do, it will show up as my next blog entries.   We will all be surprised.


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