Sunday, August 4, 2013

Grammy Camp 2013 and .....

Grammy Camp started yesterday afternoon when the grd-girls were left behind as their parents leaped out the door and headed home.   We did very little of note yesterday - didn't plan far enough ahead to have an exciting afternoon/evening planned.  The girls found some stupid show on TV staring make believe teenagers in make believe life - with a sound track.   I'd guess they watched three hours of that show and NOT ONCE went screaming out of the room in disgust.  At least the show was not full of junking things .. y'know, the bad language and other events found in PG13 and R  movies.
Today was a bit better.  We moved them outta da house in time to make it to CiCi's Pizza by 11:30.  It was a bit eventful since one of their air conditioners was broken.  They had fans everywhere and were moving air out of the back of the building towards the front.  I found this next bit funny.  They had a swamp cooler by the front door blowing inwardly.  A swamp cooler - for those of you who have never lived in the dessert - is a machine that blows air and has water sprinkled on the pads surrounding the fan.  It cools the house with this moisture - when you live in a non-humidity area.
Our area is not dry.  Instead of using water, they had an enormous pan of ice behind the fan so it would be sending cooler air inside.  That pan of ice was doing a lot of good.
Benevolent - I am.   Each girl was given $2 in quarters to play the video games.  Can you believe I was that benevolent?   ---------------    NEXT...
WALLYWORLD:  We  found a delightful parking space and began our visit.   Our aim was to find a craft project to entertain - one little project to use this week.  So we ended up owning a face painting kit, 2 different velvet painting kits, acrylic paints and a plaque which they plan to decorate and give us, a ring making kit and some type of a bead kit-  -  - there seems to be something else, but I forget - oh, wait, a kit which will make 4 stepping stones decorated by each girl.   Walmart was not expensive at all.
Next a short drive through a car wash with the appropriate yelling and screaming.   By this time my wife had moved to the back seat between the 2 youngest and the oldest had moved to the front seat.  That seemed to stop all the hitting and yelling and "she's touching me" episodes.  I was so pleased when she elected to change seats.  I am getting too old to handle yelling girls.
A short 3 minute drive put us in the parking lot of Braums Ice Cream.  Of course someone gave permission for all to have a double dip ice cream.   The oldest finished hers.  The other two maybe made it through the top dip.   Blue ice cream = birthday cake ice cream.  Lips turn blue with blue ice cream.  It did take a while to finish off the ice cream.   My wife had a single dip in a cup and I had the diabetic's dram - nothing - just the visual of watching ice cream melt.
HEB grocery store came next.  Once again, I am getting too old to go to the grocery store with three grandgirls.   We survived though.
HOME.   Laura showed up this afternoon.   That was good.   As the day died down, Laura took the two youngest riding in the wagon behind the John Deere Mower.  That was fun.  As she drove she described what they were seeing - much like a tour guide might.  here is the flag, here is a tree, over there - a blade of grass.  I'm sure it was an exciting tour.   At the end, she put g-girl #2 behind the wheel and let her drive the tractor.  I betcha that was fun.
A little side note as I quit.  there is a hole on the side of the house in the dirt by the foundation.  Extending out of the hole was a snake skin - molting.  That is the 2nd snake skin found this week coming out of a hole around my house.   Snakes are still here and the skins are big.  Stay tuned as we tried to rid the world of critters.
more tomorrow.

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