Tuesday, June 11, 2013

wine addition to yesterday's entry

Wait Wait
Yesterday's blog bit talked about our trip to Ok City for the dance. If you remember, it started out as a bit about wine. I left the best part out because I had vowed to stop after 15 minutes.
Here it is.
One evening staying in Marshall's bachelor pad that trip, he decided he was going to introduce us to the finer things in life - namely - wine. Friends were over. He dug out some glasses and dug out his wine. Pouring liberally he filled the glasses for Jim and me.
Naturally, Jim had no problem drinking that vile stuff. Marshall swore to me that it was a sweet wine and was really good. So, coming down off my high horse, I gave the glass a try. That stuff was terrible. It made the inside of my mouth shrivel. I do believe Jim finished off my portion.
Marshall = the great wine educator = did introduce us to the finest wine.
You may wonder the brand - how I can remember this bit so many years past, I just don't know.
He fed us Mogen David red wine. It was a very pretty bottle with the little basket woven around the base. I leave you with this - Want to introduce a high school prude to the joys of wine? Don't buy the sweet Mogen David variety with the cute basket. Won't work.
That's it.


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