Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oscar and his ...

Dogs have such skills that we do not possessessessessessssss.....................the final extra S(s) were in tribute to Harry Potter's snake skills.
Last night in the Pit for "be a good dog" time....  Oscar is walking around with his nose straight in the air smelling.  Well, he always smells.  He was sniffing, or niffin' as we like to say around here.  He faced one direction, nose in the air, and rotated his head back and forth.  Then, like a bolt of lightening, he faced a certain direction, went over to the spot and wet where Liesl had just finished.   Remember the adage, "Let no good urine spot go unmarked."
That is off subject (just like the Harry P was).
My Oscar is a ball boy.  He will run after the ball for as long as you choose to throw.  I have a particular ball that is is soft, about the size of a baseball, use to have a squeaker, can be thrown and caught without pain to the throwee or the catchee.  Oscar loves these balls.  This month we have been using a blue ball; I guess the green one is just not "right" for today's catching.
I found a ball that Bruno likes.  It is about 1 1/2" across, with squeaker - advertised by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund  - go to that site and enjoy.  I found them on another pet store site at a greatly reduced price, but bought my first six from Crusoe.  You get 6 in a package:  red, orange, blue, pink, green, and a purplish color I think.   Bruno takes one and just chews on it like a piece of gum.  The squeakers die early.  Doesn't bother the boys, they will still chew and chew.  A split will appear.  Doesn't bother the boys.
Oscar and Bruno seem to choose a small colored ball of the day.  For some reason they will both want the same ball.  My theory is that Bruno puts his spit on one and Oscar, being a jealous little monster, goes after that ball.  I can throw the big blue ball down the hill for Oscar and the small colored ball for Bruno.  Bruno will lumber down the hill as fast as he can go, grabs the ball, returns to the porch and isolates away from me. Oscar will bring the ball back for another throw.
Midnight last, the boys were asleep and I was getting ready to go to bed.  I yelled "Pit" and all 5 dogs made for the back pit door except Oscar.  He was rooting around the pillows and blankets.  I picked up a pink ball and threw it to him.  He smelled it briefly and continued his search.  I dug too.  Under one pillow was the orange ball.  I held it carefully between my fingers as he sniffed and snatched.  Yes, it was the Orange ball that was needed.  He can't think straight unless he has a ball in his mouth.
Coming back in (I hold the ball till he finishes his biz outside), he stops and turns looking into my eyes.  I pulled the orange ball out and away we went.  Bruno ran inside then froze, he turned and looked at me with those big ole green eyes, luckily I had the pink ball which I tossed.   Snatching the pink, Bruno scurried off to his pillow - happily - I might add.
Today's color of the day.  I just don't know yet.  They will tell me when the time comes.   And,  it will come.  Trust me.

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