Thursday, June 27, 2013

When it rains, it pours (poor me)

When it rains, it pours.   ( helping to create a Poor ).
Thursday and Sunday.  We live on a lake governed by Tarrant County water district...TCWD.  They have a different name than TCWD.  Who really cares?  For those from other slots in the country, Tarrant County is Fort Worth and immediate surrounding area.  Our lake, Richland-Chambers, is one of their water supplies.  Richland Creek and Chambers Creek collide and empty into the Trinity River.  Frankly, I don't think that is where the name "Trinity" comes from.
We have a water pump, a honkin' big pump, on the dock which pumps water out - as much as we want.  Pay an initial fee, all water is more or less free after that - electricity for the big, honkin' pump is another issue.   Our Governess Tarrant County goes to Stage ? water restrictions.  We can only water our yard on Thursday and Sunday.  
You think I am doing a whine here.  Suppose I am.   I have a lake - a dock - free water - "what are you complaining about?"  First of all you shouldn't water in the heat of the day - early morning and evening or late at night.  Another whine:  we don't have a sprinkler system.  I have heavy red hoses that I lug all over the year.  Usually I can keep 3 or 4 sprinklers running at the same time.  Not always though.  Water pressure - vs. pumping water up the hill to the top of the yard.  Parts of the yard are NEVER watered.  It consumes 2 days to water this place by hose.  Whine.
Today ( for the lacklustered ) is Thursday - watering day.  I have a Cors. Swing Orch rehearsal at 6 - the doo wop group - see description whenever I finish my other rant about last week.  So I can only water up until may 4:30 or 5 - in order to eat (diabetics should eat regularly) and clean up a bit.
I awoke around 7:15 this morning and pulled myself out of bed about 7:35.  Without eating my required breakfast (see diabetic note above), I lumbered outside arranging the hoses and sprinklers.  Made a trip down to the dock to fire up the "Big, honkin' " water pump.  I worked my way back up the hill to discover one sprinkler was doing nothing - nothing mind you - how does that happen?  How can that happen?  Think China - evil plot.
FYI:  Last year I went to Home Depot and bought 2 big sprinklers standing on tripod legs and revolving heads.  Wonderful - until.....  The bottom pipe connecting the tri-pod sprinkler to my 3/4" hose came off in my hand.  It screws up into that sprinkler.  Broke off. yes it did, broke off leaving a threaded pipe piece up inside of the machine. $37 shot.  { say that 3 times:  pipe piece, pipe piece, pipe piece }  The 2nd sprinkler is leaking in the same location - that pipe is going to break off too.  It is just a matter of time.  Another $37 shot.   
Obviously, to me anyway, I need more sprinklers to make it through today and Sunday and future days.  Redressed for travel - wind my way to Home Depot buying 3 more sprinklers, one of each kind except the plastic ones which have already failed for me this year.  Home.  It is apparent that the gentlemen who purchase sprinklers for Home Depot Corporation - these clods have never used a sprinkler for more than 1 day.  Or it is what we refer to as planned obsolescents    Sprinklers are not a good investment.    (obsolescents is not a word - but it is close to what I am looking for - if you know the word, put it in the comments below and I will make a correction.)
When it rains it pours.
I walk into the house to an electric smell.  The wife had just plugged in our vacuum and smoke poured out.  Interesting really.  Smoke pours out, I am sad.   Water pours out, I am pleased.  We moved it to the front yard and tried again.  The motor is shot - burned to a crisp...quality smoke / electrical smell though.  Get it fixed?  Where could we get a $75 vacuum fixed cheaper than buying a new one?  Life in 2013.  Don't fix it; replace it.

So if bad things come in groups of 3, I am waiting.  Major water sprinkler problem forcing a trip to town -  vacuum cleaner burns up filling house with smoke - what can be next?   Meatloaf for lunch????   Something else is hanging over our mansion.

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