Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Medical and anticipation

as an F Y I - I have not forgotten my blug.  Things have been busy around here including:   a trip to Louisiana, Laura visiting for a week, a trip to Mission Tejas State Park with both Christine and Laura and 5 dogs and wife, regular church activities, visiting estate sales, yard work, Cors Swing Orch & doo wop rehearsals, computer poker at night, ankle prob, and more.  These I am addressing in a very long bloggy that I am creating slow slowly slowest.   Stay tuned.  Coming soon.  
Right now, this moment, I am waiting my turn in the shower room.  I have an appointment with a foot doctor at 10:30.  As a diabetic we are suppose to see feet guys once a year; it has been almost 2.   My left ankle started hurting one day for no reason.  I cannot remember stepping in a hole, twisting it, or whatever.  One morning about 8 a.m., the spouse/wife said she was going walking.  Would I like to go.  Of course the answer is always No.  I don't like to go walking.  But, it is good for me, so I agreed, quickly changing into my walking shoes and appropriate clothing.
I stepped out on the front drive and started down the street.  It lasted maybe 4 steps and my ankle had pain. Usually it is my knees or hips that have some pain, not the ankle.  I walked through the pain and the one mile up and down our hills and valleys.   The ankle has been hurting since.
Not being completely stupid, I contacted my real doctor - general type, diabetic adviser, and overall generally a nice guy - his brother is a band director up in the H E B  area between Dallas and Ft. Worth.  I enjoy, if indeed you can enjoy, my visits to the doctor.    Dr. Merrill did the X-Ray game on the ankle.  Nothing.  No breaks or tears or anything.  Yet the ankle is swollen, and I do have pain.  He said it was not gout.  Apparently gout is common for my age - or why would it have even come up.  If I understood his instructions, we would let the ankle run its course.  He offered to show me the X-Ray but said I would only be scared by seeing the age-appropriate heel spurs.  No argument there.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing in my world.  Not knowing is often a better plan.
That was a month ago ...  still swollen ... still pain.  I am going to go see a foot and ankle type doctor this morning.  We will get a 2nd opinion.  I have visions of all sorts of problems.   Or, he may tell me to go buy some better shoes or socks or even wrap the ankle with a band aid.  I did trim my toe nails to make the experience go better.  I betcha he sees some God-Awful toe nails and toes in his biz.  That would not be a job for me.
Stay connected in the near future for my trip stone and child visit stone and all other exciting projects from my block.  Time to go.  Wife just proclaimed it to be my time in the shower room.  Later.  M

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  1. Report: home from doc. he gave me an ankle brace which is nothing but plastic and cloth that wraps around my ankle. He says that I have a tendon that has some damage and needs to repair itself. The brace allows for this to happen over the next month or so. The tendon wraps around the bottom of the ankle bone -seems like it was the perodonnnnnn - nope, peridippy doo tendon or something like that. I wear the brace,I attempt to heal my heel. (actually ankle) M