Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Izzit that..?

First of all, I want to say "hello" to my followers.  Heaven only knows why one follows (and Heaven may not know for sure).   This is NOT good enough, I need a million followers who don't know why.  I'm old and need a stroke now and then - wait - what I mean is:  not a stroke (heart related) or a stroke (pat me on the head) but a stroke - a smoothing stoke  -   I suppose it is close to a pat on the head.  Nevermind.

This starts a new series - probably only one entry, still a new series - on why is that?  or
Why is izzit that?  A series should have more than one entry.  This is the first step. 

A friend once asked why izzit that if you turn the faucet on in the kitchen sink, there will always be a spoon directly under the spigot?  That came from a friend of brother Marshall.  The guy went by the name Bad Bunneeeeee - lived near Univ. of Okla. and was so far left in the political spectrum, he could run for President of China.   Boy did he get mad about political stuff.   You might notice I used the word  mad  not   angry.   Mad = Crazy.   So he was Mad Angry.  I'm sure he was a nice feller if you stayed away from politics.

But - that was a sidebar.  You have a izzit - post it in the comments (i'll steal for sure)

We acquired a different motorhome last October:  A Fleetwood Jamboree 31M.  Nice Coach.  In debt we be.   We had it for 3 weeks before any journey.  Our first time out, clothes got wet beside the bed, both sides.  I had a pair of sloppy jeans on the floor.  The carpet was sopping wet.  Not good.  Off we went back to Ancira Motorhome in Alvarado.   Of course it took nearly 2 weeks to get an appointment.

Motorhome went into shop.  They could not replicate the problem.  That is the question.   Why IZZIT that when you taken a broken item into the shop, it works perfectly.  Our coach did.  Sighing, away we drove a few days later.

About 2 + weeks later we drove to Round Rock (TX for those who don't know) - near Austin - and stayed at the Rd Rk city part across from Dell Diamond (that one you can look up).   NO WATER LEAK.   We were quite pleased.  Came home.  Coach into storage.

The frist  of this month (make that "first" of this month) we went to 1st Monday Trade Days in Canton.  Now this is a side creek I should paddle down.  If you have never been to Canton, go.  They have more than you can see / do in a day - a dog town area with all sorts of critters -  a mountain with shops sprinkled up the side with boardwalks - several different main areas of shopping - and a Chinese Restaurant across from WalMarts that is inexpensive and has fake susshi.

We planned to stay Friday and Sat. nights. . . come home Sunday - wife had the monthly Corsicana Quilt Guild Meeting on Monday.  Got there - hooked up water - went to see some sales.   Got back about 2 hours later and all seemed fine.  Next morning my jeans were wet.   This time I took photos.  both sides of bet had spots of water.  Outside water was dripping off the side of the coach.  I won't prolong this - (too late, Roger would say) - tried it with water on and off.  Water leak.  Tried it with two different pressure filters.  Eventually, water was turned off.

Two week wait.  Back to Ancira Motorhomes.  Again, they cannot replicate the problem.   I called Fleetwood's main number and talked to a nice guy.  We had lots of laughs.  He made suggestions - nothing new, but good honest suggestions.

We plan to pick it up early next week and try it out again.   Bring your rubber boots.

Why izzit that it leaks water everywhere but at Ancira?
(also had a refrig door prob that only failed away from Ancira, go figure)

later guys

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