Thursday, December 8, 2011

The great Pot Pouring

Sometimes I am so humorous (French spelling) that I just can't stand myself.  As you may be aware, if you have to explain a joke, it is not really very funny.  Over the years I admit to having a problem spelling a word.  So, to cover this ignorance I started just saying Pot Pouring....the word, you ask   ( because you didn't understand my poor humor )   is potpourri - pronounced  "poe poe-ree."   Thus the title of this work of art. 

This is going to be one of those blogs  (I prefer to say blugs).  My plan is to make this go on and on and on.  If you choose to stay with me throughout, then I must say that I admire you.  You be a prize.

Numbered yet:

1.  One of the things I do is write notes to myself - lately on my phone - under the Memo heading.  Then, I go back and write about the memo.  The trouble is that I never go back, and, when I do, I forget what the memo was talking about.   that is wehre I am right now.
2.  On June 6th in my phone memos I wrote:  "Rainbow study bible on TV  866/904-7776  $129.95"       I suppose I saw an adv on TV and thought this might make a good present for someone...that is, until I saw the price.  Few of my friends or relatives will ever get $129.95 out of these cold stanky hands.
3.  Last July I wrote  "Bells of vienna wind chimes"   don't have the slightest idea why. 
4.  In September I wrote "Holly Hawkins in Holland, TX restores all ceramics no matter the problem.   I think I remember seeing that on Texas country Reporter on TV - a show you watch when you can.
5.  Alton Brown is making fruit cake on the food channel - brings up Corsicana's own Collin Street Bakery which is not located on Collin Street.  They were at one time.  This place can be found on the internet.  Great location for buying candy/cookies/fruit cake of course/all sorts of bread and rolls/yum place.  They have the original store downtown on hwy 31 coming through town - a new store on I-45 just after exit 229 - and an exact duplicate store in north Waco on I-35.  Worth the visit.

6.  While you are there (I-45 store) go down the block to the Candy factory and their factory store.  In the back are cheaper boxes of candy.  It is a marvelous place to see - chocolate everywhere - owned by Russell Stovers.  Yum visit place.
7.  Comment on Candy Bars.   I love Snickers.  I have not had one since the Diabetes diagnosis even though I don't seem to be in sugar trouble for over a year.  Snickers are God's gift to the Candy Bar world.  Sure you may love others, but Snickers rule.  Unless you happen to have peanut butter cups or rolos or Peanut butter sandwich cookies or butterfingers - Use to eat Baby Ruths for breakfast back in college.
       When I first went to college in the fall of 1958, I roomed with my brother Jim in Gordon Hall, room 232.   For a college dorm this was as good as any.  The rooms were larger in Gordon than in the new dorms across campus.  On my first day of dorm life, we went down for breakfast, included in our rent.   I ordered up scrambled eggs in the cafeteria line.   My first bite of eggs had shells.  Can you imagine shells.   Not being aggressive, I threw it away and walked to the music building.
      Down stairs in a hallway between the band and choir rooms was a coke and candy machine.   You could buy an enormous Baby Ruth for 10 cents and a coke for the same.  I ate breakfast for 20 cents.  It was a good plan, and there were no shells in the Baby Ruth.
8.   Last entry for this Pouring.  When I was in high school, my parents took summer vacations.   Mom was a teacher.  Dad worked for Standard Oil of Indiana which was bought by several folks until it became Amoco  (which in years past was bought by BP of Gulf Oil Disaster fame.)    One particular summer we visited by father's grandmother, known as Grandma LeBarre.  She was a full-blood Indian....a stone for a later time. 
     This particular trip found Grandma Lebarre  (who lived to be 101) living about 3 blocks away from downtown Lawton, Oklahoma.   It was hot in Lawton.  Being teen age boys, Jim and I were given permission to walk to town - yes, we had to cross the tracks to get to town.  My great grandmother was not a wealthy individual.  She lived in older digs.
         Now my wife and I were childhood sweethearts.  I was an 8th grader when she was in the 7th grade.   It really was a good match in so many ways.   On this particular trip I wanted to get her a present to take back to Levelland.  I was not wealthy either.  Jim and I went to town and did some shopping and looking and killing of the time.   I think Jim bought a whoopie cushion and some itching powder (really did make that part up - but it is what he would have bought).   I, on the other hand, wanted a good gift.
        I saw something which I had never seen before.  They are quite common now.  Back in them thar days in downtown Lawton, a novelty they were.   After much thinking and worrying and fretting, as I am prone to do when making a decision, I bought a Magic 8 Ball.   Ask it a question.  It gives you the answer.  This was a good present which was presented in due time.
       I never really knew if she appreciated it.  I liked it.   She would have been too nice to not give the illusion of liking.   That Magic 8 Ball is still in our house today.  Agreed it answers question very slowly now.  The liquid is a bit gummier - good word "gummier."  It is out in the garage.  I just hope it never explodes out there especially if I am traveling through the area.  I'd hate to be killed by a flying Magic 8 Ball and have the words "You can count on it"  imprinted onto my forehead for my funeral.

The next edition of Pot Pouring will follow.  Be good and keep your head down if you get near my garage.

Mikel E.

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