Monday, December 5, 2011

Not all drips are jerks

We have this newer motorhome.   As with any vehicle, once you get it and drive for a while, you can take it back to the dealer and have a couple of adjustments made.  The stone follows.

We took the machine back to Ancira Motorhome in Alvarado  the 3rd week of October.  On our first trip out, I woke up the first morning and slipped on my bluejeans which I had thrown on the floor beside the bed.  The first thing you must do every morning is walk the dogs who have been caged up all night.   They are not full of patience.   Barking - shaking - howling - you name it, these dogs know all of the tricks to get you movin' in the morn.

So I grabbed the jeans and slammed my bare legs into the slots.  That was an eye waking experience.  The jeans were soaked.  The were on the floor and soaked.  When the dog trip was completed, the floor was checked.  The carpet was soaked and almost dripping.   Outside water was dripping from under the coach. 

We had to wait 2 weeks to get in at Ancira.  Their highly touted repair system  (highly touted by the sales staff) turns out to have only 2 guys doing the work - so are they getting behind?    The machine went in - we got a call a few days late - all ready EXCEPT they couldn't make it leak.  That's what the repair guy said.  He did find the outside shower had a small leak.  I accepted this as an explanation cause I had no choice. 

A couple weeks later, the M.H. took us to Round Rock where we stayed at the RV park attached - more or less - to Dell Diamond.  Water was hooked up.  No leak.  Still we were uneasy as one should always be when dealing with ... surely you have all been there before.

Took a trip this past weekend - first since Round Rock.   Hooked up the city water - yep, within an hour or two, I found a wet spot on the carpet.  Didja expect less?  By the next morn, water dripped outside, and carpet was slowly soaking.  Turn off the city water supply - use water from the coach's water tank.   The drips stopped.

Called Ancira this morning.  Taking it in this week....but, as always, it is over 10 days before they can get to it.  I figure it is better up there - maybe, just maybe (I dream a lot) they will take it in early.  I would indeed like to make another trip soon.
==========================trip stone to follow===================

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