Friday, December 2, 2011

crime did not pay all that much

after I wrote that last night - about 11 ish or so, the phone rings - it was my neighbor lady --- (see previous bluggy)

She and her husband are in their pickup chasing / following a pickup truck pulling a trailer.

After the theft, the owner came down and left lights on. The theory is, these guys were coming back to pick up the stuff left by the back door. But, the lights inside scared them away. Well, from that location, their only choice was to drive straight ahead and make a U turn on my cul de sac.

Sue - the dog next door told everyone - the neighbor looked out the front door and saw the pickup and trailer. They both ran out of the house and jumped in their truck, following the pickup. They were both barefoot, had no identification, no money, and left their house unlocked.

I got a call to watch the house. I suggested they might want to call da law. She did. I went next door and lowered the garage door down some - and checked the front door so their little dogs wouldn't get out. I was barked at. Sue came out of the garage and loved on me.

bottom line - they followed over several different F.M. roads = got the police - the pickup was pulled over. They called the owner of the trailer (someone who lives in Coppell) who said, that if anyone has his trailer, they took it without his permission. 3 guys in pickup. One had a felony warrant out on him.

in their pickup were cotton gloves, plastic gloves, masks, night vision wear, various tools - they were arrested and taken to jail. The neighbor came home and we all went to bed. The arrested people were from a down 60-70 miles away (and not coppell). Coppell is like halfway sorta between Dallas & Ft Worth - actually closer to Dallas by a lot.

forgot to add -- the neighbor's truck was from a car lot.  It was low in gas.  As they chased the guy, the low gas light came on.   Before it was all over, they had to borrow $20 from a sheriff deputy to get home.   The neighbor talked about walking into a corner store, barefoot - etc. with $20 to buy gas.   The counter guy was unimpressed.

that's it. Nothing new tonight. going to bed.

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