Saturday, June 26, 2010

Newspapers and misc.

From the newspaper: a few things I read in the paper -

1. "A bull charged, and matador Christian Hernandez took off -- across the ring, over the wall and into controversy. The admittedly terrified torero was arrested after Sunday's botched bullfight at the Plaza Mexico, apparently for breach of contract" .... he was released after paying a fine. 22 years old, the Mexican matador said, "I didn't have the ability ... this is not my thing." He retired from bullfighting.

2. Cathy Barber reported that a company named DEANO'S is making a cheddar Jalapeno chip (in Vermont) = slices of jalapeno, breaded and fried to a crisp, then dusted with cheese powder ... think French's fried onions but with jalapeno inside. They are only available by mail. You can get 3 bags for $12.95 --thasss right ---- $12.95 for 3 bags full. One for my master, one for my dame, and for the little girl who lives down the lane.

3. Pick your own berries: or

4. From Dear Abby: June 15 was World Elder Abuse Day. Abby issued an appeal to learn more about elder abuse. I can recite right here and now, on June 15th, I was abused. People did their part and abused me mercilessly.

5. Headline: "Should all good yogis shun meat? Vegetarian debate continues."
I didn't read the article.

6. An Ohio church had a 62 foot high statue of Jesus out front. It was Jesus from the waist up, with His hands raised upward similar to the "touchdown Jesus" @ Notre Dame. It was made of steel and foam (guess other stuff). Burned, hit by lightening. The photo in the newspaper is of Jesus with his hands raised, on fire. The final photo is of the remaining steel structure after the fire. The pastor says they will rebuild.
My thought is that the Devil sent the lightening. I will leave other comments to your mind.

Final thing. Ate at a Taco Bell last week. Y'know those little paper things on the tables that advertise food & drinks? I learned these are called Table Tents. The one on my tabled talked of New Frozen Margaritas at Taco Bell. Your choice: Strawberry Margarita or Classic Margarita. In smaller print it recited: "Contains no fruit juice or alcohol." I thought that was worth mentioning.

so I close, see ya soon.

WAIT !!! Let me give a tribute to Bill Etheredge who just retired after 40 years in the school systems. His last adventure was as a counselor in Lewisville ISD. I worked with Bill in Ardmore when he helped run the JHS band program and kept me pointed in the semi-right directions at the high school. Bill was so good with people and especially students - He is moving back to Oklahoma to be near his kids. Good luck to Bill as he joins the rest of us on the back porch, watching the world go by.


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