Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greta the snake dog #2

short bit:

I have been at my brother Jim's house to help him do some electrical work in his house. He bought a Fixer-Upper and has been slowly moving forward, but some things need a 3rd hand. I am about a half-hand.

Naturally, since I am not at home, something has to go wrong.

One year when I was taking 100 kids to Florida for a band competition, about 15 hours into the trip my wife called. The hot water heater had self-destructed and water was flooding the house. She came home from teaching ( Actually she was an Educational Diagnostician in public schools - I just thought saying "she came home from diagnosticianing" would be confusing ) - anyhoo, she came home at the end of the day to a floating house. Nothing I could do but go to Disneyworld and think.

I went to my brother's house Sunday, planning to return Wednesday afternoon. My wife called me this morning about 9:30. She is sitting in the Vet's office with Greta, the snake dog. Greta met a copperhead she couldn't beat this morning. The wife took the snake out with a shovel though. The only good snake is a dead snake. For a clarification, Greta is our wire-hair dachshund weighing about 9 pounds after she eats, maybe.

Let me cut to the chase. Greta is fine. The snake bit her on the tongue. The doc gave her a benadryl (sp.) shot and some antibiotics (about $100). She bled profusely from the mouth (tongue) for quite a while. I would think that helped her flush out some of the poison. I do not know if Greta has learned anything yet. That remains to be seen. The doc didn't think she has. He said that dachshunds are born hunters, and hunt she will do.

We once had a black & tan full sized smooth coat Dachshund named Mandy and we lived by a lake near Gainesville. We came home one time and her nose was bigger than Jimmy Durante's. From that day forward, Mandy's growl (voice) would change when there was a snake in the yard. You could hear that special growl. When the sound came, I grabbed a shotgun and wasted a snake. I am more frugal today - a shovel will do just fine.

Greta is moving slowly. She is in no hurry to go anywhere. Greta doesn't want to step off into the grass to do her business. We will see how the Copperhead affects her behavior later. This is now the 3rd one of my dogs to be bit this spring by copperheads. But Greta has accounted for 5 dead snakes...or is it six?
Good Dog!!

I hear that my boy Fritz, a hunter and eater by trade, tried to carry a dead rabbit into the house Tuesday night. My wife had fits getting him to leave it outside for the buzzards. I hate to see the rabbits killed. They are so cute. Snakes are not cute.

I am home & all is fine for now.

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