Monday, June 21, 2010

Going to Pottsboro

PAST WEEK HAS BEEN BUSY - don't get me wrong, it was not too hard & I had time to laze around quite a lot - but I stayed busy in my mind. It started on Sunday when I spent 3 days with my brother Jim helping him re-wire his kitchen and put up some new lights over the center aisle stove and the bars. They look good.

When I make a trip, short or long, I make notes to remember the funnier or strange things. Now, what I think is funny, it seems a lot of folks just stare at me. For instance, my bro lives in the country near Pottsboro, TX. You travel through Sherman, then Denison, make a left a mile after Walmart & another left later - before you know it, you are in FINK, TEXAS. Fink used to have festivals and made some money out of its name, not any more.
I just find it humorous (or "funny" to some OR "Yuk, Yuk" to high school dropouts) that POTTSboro is right beside FINK. Not a belly laugh, just a bit of a grin.
Driving to Pottsboro on a Sunday afternoon. Have you listened to AM radio on Sunday afternoon? Everyone is trying to sell you drugs or stocks or money tips or real estate. I settled on a radio show called Gun Talk. They talk about guns for hours. I know nothing about guns... But, I did write down a website called

As I type, am watching American Pickers on History Channel. Just finished 2 episodes of Pawn Stars. Had to find some show to take MONK'S place. I stopped at a QT gas station in Plano. Inside was this really tall man as thin as one can get with his wife (dumpy is a good description) - she was really sorta short and heavy. Their teenage son was hanging around. He'd fit the generic concept of a great tuba play physique. 32 oz drinks were 49 cents & these three each had a cup -- tasting all the different selections ... all the different selections. After settling on a special, particular flavor, they and moved on to the Hot Dog Station.

I found my Band of Brothers soundtrack on my I-touch and headed north, 65 mph, Hwy 75, crusin'. Whoosh, some guy on a motorcycle came around me liberally as if I were standing still. Just had a moment to glance at his helmet. It had a tuff of hair across the top - a helmet with a Mohawk hair doooo.
Before I move to next blog: didja know Sherman has a Buck Owens Freeway? And an observation: I drive a black Mercury. It is amazing how many people slow down when I appear in their rearview mirror, then, take off when I pull up beside them - "Aw man, he's not a cop!"

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