Thursday, June 24, 2010

Born and Serenaded

As we go through boxes in our full garage, we find things. In my next bluggy, we will talk about a ledger book from 1914 we found. It was used by Bren's grandfather W.L. Cooper in 1924.

But, this one is a small article which showed up in a small Bible. It was yellowing - actually browning. It is now resting in top drawer of the Pink Thing.

(someday I should inventory the pink think and the egg thing (etc.) and put them on here. I would find it fascinating even though my readership might not.

It reads:


There is a new arrival at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Metze, Tecumseh highschool band leader. The baby is a boy and has been given the name of Michael Eugene. The band serenaded the youngster the other evening. The boy was born Monday evening, Nov. 4.

I might point out that mom (Sarah Smith Metze) was the band director in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, at the time. I suppose this got her out of a couple of Friday night football games...I suppose.

For the record, I was born at home not a hospital. I remember nothing of the birthing. I heard that 16 mo older brother Jim was hanging out by the bedside during the event. That could explain what is wrong with him even today. Now, really, who would want to stand and watch that happen especially as a 16 month old toddler? YeeGods!!

It is my guess that I was thoroughly unimpressed by the serenade. Mom probably gave eveyone an A that six weeks. Maybe Jim and brother Marshall enjoyed.



P.S. This was sent as an email with an attachment to my family. I have not learned how to move stuff from my "documents" to my blog....or photos even. Someday maybe.

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