Tuesday, February 27, 2024

see short meat stone below

See the short meat stone about 4 entries below ...

I'll never do that again.  We cooked up the steaks.  They were okay, but they did have some gristle.  I learned a lesson.  I'm not rich enough to spend that kind of money on a piece of meat that - well - 

y'know, if you spend that kind of money, you can go to a fine restaurant - they'll cook it and you will get a baked potato and salad and perhaps an onion ring or two - all for the same overprice.  And, you will look like you are taking your wife out for a special meal to celebrate her birthday, mum's day, anniversary, EVEN HALLOWEEN.  Now, that is a tradition to begin.

It's Halloween; let's go to the steakhouse.  Sure save money on chocolate treats for little monsters and fairies and ghouls.

That's it.  I wanted to admit that I was just flat stupid.  The door to door guy will be back.  He thinks he has found a life long sucker.  What is that old saying?  something about you are stupid if you make the same mistake more than once.

For the musicians in the crowd, think of a song with more than one C flat or B sharp.  Try to not miss both of them in the same rehearsal.

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