Friday, February 2, 2024

catchy title

This is going to be one of those potpourri editions.  Can't figure out a catchy title, yet.  I looked up potpourri on my phone to make sure I spelled it correctly.  1st of all, I think I've always made it 2 words long:  pot pourri   - but I'm wrong.  spell check says so.  Tongue in cheek, I've often written "Pot Pouring" instead.  Nobody ever giggled.  While looking it up, my phone took me to "Poo-Pourri."  Adv. says, "A must have odor spray - stinky people..."  You can look them up on Amazon if interested.  (They also have a pet-pourri.)


New subject, New color:  From today's bridge article by Frank Stewart in the Temple paper --he tells of a sign in a dentist office:  "We try to see our patients in discomfort quickly."  In my opinion that pretty much says it all other than to mention how expensive dentist have become.  That should be a separate blog.


The call of spring - when a young man's fancy turns to .... Winter is winding down with Groundhog Day today. The ole groundhog has his day.  I find his predictions to be somewhat accurate.  After all, why would you trust a meteorologist opinion over that of a fluffy, cute little animal who can wiggle his nose?  Once knew a weather man who wiggled his nose.  I think it was alcohol related.  On the news tonight, they showed us an alligator who predicted spring and a group of penguins in a zoo who do the same.

Here's what I've noticed living in this nice subdivision.  At the beginning of spring, usually right after colleges have graduated theirs, young men & sometimes women begin their spring ritual - no, not the romantic call to marriage.  Certain companies begin the hiring epidemic of inexperienced young folks to travel door-to-door,  my door.  They hire these poor saps to cold-call neighborhoods.  Sometimes the kids wear a matching shirt adorned with a cute logo - sometimes they travel in pairs - a car or van is parked down the block - no business cards with company info - or brochures.  Just a poor child trying to make contact.

Solar panels for the roof ... check your roof for hail damage ... rain gutter covers ... yard maintenance, especially weed control ... come into your house and spray for bugs .... these are the most common.  Can the kid discuss it with you - like pricing or colors or bug poisons?  Of course not.  They don't sell the product.  Their job is to schedule a meeting with the boss who will explain the details.  I love asking for business cards.  I'm not sure, but I believe the young-ins have applied for a job and will do anything to find a job on the ground floor.  Someday, I will own the company!!!

SOOOOO, Maybe, Yes  - The doorbell rings.  Our dogs come unglued, I begin to yell at them (a nonsense task)  and the bell ringer backs up and stands about 15 feet from our front door.  We have a sign out front - a banner - which essentially says:  Don't knock on the door, the dogs will bark, I will yell, things will get ugly.   Bought it on Amazon.

That's pretty much it.  I chat to them.  I say I'm not interested.  I ask for a business card. They want to shake hands.  I go back inside to the barking dogs.


Thursday comics, Feb 1st, CLOSE TO HOME by McFnerson.  He shows the man Inventor of Bounty Paper Towels  standing in a bar surrounded by women:            Caption -  "THE QUICKER-PICKER-UPPER"     I thought that was cute.


This afternoon I looked out front.  Walking past was a chicken.  big and brown.  Chicken.  For all I know, it was a rooster.  I listed it on the HOA website and discovered that it had been listed by several others.  don't know what happened to the chicken.  No solution here.

that's enough.  tomorrow?


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