Sunday, January 21, 2024

The Box

This is a mere story with no conclusion or moral.  It is just what it is. 

First of all an explanation of my housing.  I live on a corner.  We face south.  The road on our east goes north (logical) and south curving to the east intersecting with a major road.

But, let's discuss the road going north.  From my house it is 2 blocks to another major road - sorta major.  Across that street is a new housing development.  The first 3 houses were started about 2 weeks ago.

Now the stone  -- About 2 weeks ago, I left the house driving north.  About a block & half north, there was this black box against the curb.  It was open and upside down.  An open box against the curb  upside down ... the flaps spread out on the pavement.  Black Box.  10 x 10 x 6 inches approx.  Nice Box.  Against the curb.  

The storms came through.  Wind and cold.  Cold and wind.

About a week ago, I left the house again - it happens.  There was the box, against the curb a bit over a half block from my corner.  I smiled at it.  Same box but a block further south.

The storms returned.  Wind and cold.  Cold and wind..

A few days passed.  Wind and cold.  Cold and wind.

I left the house.  There was the box.  It had reached my corner and turned west.  It was about 30 ft from the corner in front of the house...  I smiled at the box.

More days.  More wind.  More cold.

I came home one afternoon.  There was the box.  It had moved back to corner.  For 2 weeks the box had made it up and down the street.  With all the traffic and all the neighbors, the box was still on its own.

Yesterday, I walked out the front door and retrieved the box.  It had survived this long.  There must be a message there.  I placed it in the garage in a special place.  May it live out its life in peace and quiet without "wind and cold."

You might say that I gave a wandering waif a new home after it had been living on the streets for weeks.  You might say that.

As a P.S.  The box is labeled as a plywood clips obviously from the new housing development across the main street.  That adds another block of travel and a main intersection to have survived.  I am impressed with the box. . . my black box.


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