Monday, January 15, 2024

Good time to ramble

Man, it is 16 degrees outside in central Texas.  Do we really deserve this?  Yesterday I complained to my family via phone text message.  As you might guess, my son in Lubbock one-ups me by declaring his thermometer at 9 degrees.   One-ups, cute term.  In this case maybe down-ups is more appropriate.

I remember my first year living in Amarillo.  We had cold wind - and snow - and ice -- all the time.  For a time I thought I'd never see a green tree again.  It never quit.  One of the reasons we moved from the panhandle is weather.  Another reason is I had to find a job that would pay me enough to feed the family.  But, of course, that is another story (stone).  Let's blame the weather gods for now.

No snow here.  There is a sprinkling of white dust about.  Nothing serious.  I don't think there is ice on the road ... don't plan to find out.  Being MLK day, no mail, no reason to get out.   I do know that I am on the losing end of this argument, but wouldn't a day for "patriots" or "heroes" or something like that be mo-better for our country than a holiday that admires just one man?  I know, I know.  He was an exceptional individual.  But so was Audie Murphy - Thomas Jefferson - Benjamin Franklin - maybe even Eleanor Roosevelt (flaming liberal).  

So we have a President's Day.  That's seems good.  Let's convert to a Patriot's Day too.  I wonder if the local Chinese population has someone to remember?  You got it.  Lots of folks out there who need to be remembered.  I'm probably not on the list.

Then on the news, everyone is worked up about cold weather versus the Iowa Caucus.  Nobody asked me.  I believe the caucus idea is a failed idea.  Cannot understand it.  Cannot.  Just like round-a-bouts, they simply don't make sense to me.  Huh?  Where did that come from?

As the cold weather roared in - on facebook - I saw this notice.

From their website:  

 "With the extreme cold weather, it is suggested that all Walmart shoppers wear at least 2 sets of pajamas while shopping this week."  

Before Walmart sues me for spreading lies, I will admit that I personally did not see the notice.  I was told about it...on the internet.  If it is on the internet, it must be true.


My lip hurts.  I am joining the Central Texas community band.  Rehearsals on Thursday at Salado middle school.  Dug out the old trumpet and oiled the valves.  I am trying to play scales to build the old lip back up.  "Old" is the proper word.  I've told my wife that we are not using the word "old" anymore. But, in this case, maybe it is correct.  When you have not blown your trumpet for about 3 years, it is going to take more than a few scales to get back into any type of proper shape.  I'm gonna try.  Bless me.  Bless my Bach.


One final.  I walked outside last week to get the morning paper.  Looking up into the sky at the clouds, the word "Whispy" came out.  This got me to thinking about certain words one can use which describe something.  Staying with clouds, I came up with "dark & foreboding."  Silky smooth.  Shifty.  

That's enough.  The brain failed me at this point.  Descriptive words.  Betcha somebody has written a book of them.  The Writers Handbook of Descriptive Words.  If not, here is your chance to make an impression on the world.  Write the Book!

nuff, see ya soon, ramble done.


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