Monday, January 8, 2024

Casa Blanca Humor

 I find funny things in the newspaper.  I'm sure some are meant to be funny; others, not so funny.  The Temple paper is good for me.  I quit reading the Dallas paper several years ago - Of course, I had my issues with the Austin UnAmerican Statesman too.  My 2nd favorite thing in the newspaper is the Sudoko puzzle.  Comics are #1 - let's hear it !!!  "GO COMICS"  Yeah, Dallas had more and better comics than Temple - but, I like the temple paper.  

3rd place is the editorial page.  The Temple paper is not a democrat operative.  They seem to have a fair mix of politics even though the Conservative approach is a bit louder.  Letters to Editor are eye-rollers almost daily.  Arguments are made for one thing or another.  I'm sure the writer thinks the arguments are valid and clearly stated.   Wrong.  

If it isn't some kook attacking the Republican party, it is some kook attacking the dems. So often, writers quote various Bible passages thinking this will help the argument.  In my opinion the Bible quoters turn off the readers (see John 43-81).  How many of you are going to look up this Bible reference?  It would be a foolish waste of time.  Trust me.  Didja know that spell-check thinks "quoters" is not a real word?  AI can't be right about everything.

Humor:  Some of the funniest lines are in the Bridge playing article daily.  This guy seems to start each day with something funny and totally unrelated to playing bridge.  Some are pretty funny - others, not so much.  But .....

Last Thursday, I finished the Sudoku pretty fast.  It was rated 1 star difficulty.  My eyes floated up the page to the crossword puzzle.  My mother loved crossword puzzles.  I have tried and tried and tried.  We all have different skills in our lives.  Some can sing.  I have my trumpet.  Others can cook beautifully.  My skill is not crosswords.  Mom even gave me a crossword dictionary one year to help me.  Wrong.  If I get 5 - 10 words correct, it is a celebration.

On this day I happened to glance up at the crossword puzzle.  My eyes settled on this clue:  "Start of a riddle."  My first thought was something like: 

        "What is the difference between a ....."   or  

        "How many ..... does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"  or

        "A preacher, a Rabbi, and a zoo keeper walked into a bar ..."  

Nope, I was wrong again.

My eyes continued down the page: 

 "Riddle part 2"   then  "Riddle part 3"  & "Riddle part 4" followed by "End of Riddle."   

Scanning down, Clue #102 = Answer Riddle...

Follow me here --   I was lucky, today, the paper printed the answers upside down at the bottom of the page.  I read each clue, found their location in the puzzle, and turned the paper upside down. Now, I scanned the answers to find each.  

Here is what I found: 

Clue #22 --  inaspoofofcasablanca

Clue #44 --  featuringancientgreek

Clue #58 --  mathematicianswhat

Clue #70 --  turnedouttobeoneof

Clue #87 -- themostmemorablelines

For those who are stressed by this - it says:  "In a spoof of Casa Blanca featuring ancient Greek mathematicians, what turned out to be one of the most memorable lines?"  

I supplied the punctuation and upper case letters .... It is my assumption this was a movie from some time past.  I know it not.

Yes!!!!!   This is one of the reasons I don't do crossword puzzles.  Who could know this?  Who?  Later, in the puzzle they had a clue for a different question:  "Class of antimicrobial drugs, in the British spelling." ---  Answer:   SULPHA   Now why couldn't I answer that?  Over my head.  Think I will oil the valves on my trumpet.

(Can  you tell that I am stalling here?)

Clue #102 -- The Riddle's answer -- Hereslookingateuclid

or ----

Here's looking at Euclid   

now, that's clever [funny] to me.  So, I depart.  Here's looking at you, Sid   



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