Friday, June 9, 2023

Pot Pouring (potpourri)

Potpourri - according to Wikipedia - no wait, who cares?  look it up yourself.    Even though this may have an aroma, it is just words on the page.  On my phone they list the Wikipedia explanation followed by an Amazon adv. for poo-pourri .... that would be toilet spray.  But my favorite addition from my phone are the potential alternate words:  melange, pastiche, hodgepodge, mishmash, patchwork.  

That is what this is.

#1  tear jerker sorta:  Local Salado Village Voice (you should get a subscription) has an article about a 99 yr old guy named Carl Reid.  He lives in a veterans hospital in Big Spring, TX.  He was in World War II as an 18 year old.  When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said, "I want 100 birthday cards."  Actually, the article just says "cards."  I assume they mean birthday cards.  If he wants a deck of cards (that's 52 cards + jokers), he only needs 2 decks to reach his goal.

I have my card selected, stamped, and signed.  It goes out tomorrow.  What?  the cost of a stamp and a cheap card?  Make an old man happy.  address is:

Mr. Carl Reid     

Re:  100 for 100

c/o Lamun-Lusk-Sanchez Texas State Veterans Home

1809 N. Hwy 87    Big Spring, TX 79720

it is a nice thing to do.    When I reach 100, send me cash.


#2  I've noticed as I age that Gravity is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life.  I suppose it was there when I was younger, but who paid attention?  Today, getting dressed, I dropped a sock three times.  This is not so serious.  Yet, I had to bend over three times to pick it up.   Not long after, I got this pill out of its RX plastic container.  I laid it on top of my metal drinking cup which has a lid and a straw.

I fumbled around & hit the cup.  The stupid pill got right up and rolled down the straw hole into the liquid.  This might not be so bad except the pill was my wife's prescription.  I didn't need it at all.  All was poured down the drain, and I started again.  Gravity took the ice and liquid down the drain.

Gravity rules my life.  My stomach is affected too.  Without gravity I might look like the "old" Arnold Swartzenneiger  - I was right.  His name went straight to spell check as wrong.  doesn't matter.  you know who I mean.  The OLD Arnold from years past.  

People are paying millions of dollars to fly into space and experience no gravity.  Well, that is the "GRAVITY" of the situation.  I could give you numerous examples.  Bet you have your own.  Is it best to have gravity?  or is the moon a better place to be with less?  Your decision.   I am (ready?)  DROPPING the subject right now.


#3 The final nonsense.  Reading Heloise's column in the Temple Paper, someone wrote in about getting hot toast out of the toaster.  Well, yeah, that is a thing.   I usually use a fork or a knife.  Their instructions say, "No, don't use a fork or a knife."  I dood it anyway.  Maybe I'll be electrocuted and my family can sue the toaster company for riches.  If you can sue McDonald's for hot coffee or chicken nuggets, why not the toaster folks?

Back to Heloise.  The writer told of giving her friend a set of toaster tongs.  Have you ever heard of anything like that?  toaster tongs!  surely not.  Off to Amazon.Com.  type in toaster tongs.   Hundreds of toaster tongs came up.  Where have I been all these years.  Bamboo ones,  plastic ones, ones with cute fingers, others with a magnet, red, blue, green, you name it.  toaster tongs.

I look around the kitchen and found that I own several toaster tongs that are presented in the advertisement.  I chose a red one to match our red toaster.  It works.  This all happened on Tuesday.  Forever in my house Tuesdays will be known as:


Complete your life now.  Get a pair today.  I have; and, my life is better for it.


#4  Medical.  For those who keep up.  Gave a jar of blood yesterday for testing.  My PSA is still below .01     they call it <.01    I suppose I will live a little bit longer now.

love ya


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