Sunday, October 18, 2020

Today, Sunday

 It is getting so - that at our age and the virus - anytime we venture forth in the world, it becomes an adventure.  It may be exactly like last year's drive, but this year it is an .... say it with me ....  IT IS AN ADVENTURE.

Yesterday, we drove to Waxahachie (or as my son Roger calls it:  Wax-A-Hatchet).  Laura and Tom have a new puppy.  They want so badly to show it off.  There is nobody available to come see.  I must admit, it is cute - all white Pekingese - about the size of a powder puff.  It runs and eats and other things just like normal dogs.   The little girl, named Selah, can snuggle with the best of them.

We went to see.  Cuteness.  Laura also raises rabbits  I won't say they are cute because everyone already knows that.   I'm looking forward to Selah growing up into a loving little monster.  

After meeting and greeting and loving, we drove to Arby's for food.  Waxa. has a very nice park with picnic tables.  We went.   Nice trip.

Of course, on the way home we had to stop at Buc-ee's in Ennis.   Other than gas and diet cokes, they are a bit over priced on everything.  Still, I never seem to miss an opportunity to stop off.  Adventure over, we came home.


My pomegranate trees have fruit.  Be jealous if you wish or plant your own tree.  It will produce more fruit in about a year or two than you will be able to eat.  Pomegranates don't seem to have any natural predators or problems other than squirrels.  I took 10 really big ones up to Tom yesterday and I have another 10 or so ready to eat locally.  Good fruit.


I have an ex-band director friend Joe Michel who is prolific with email forwards.  I cannot imagine where he finds all this stuff.   Below is one humorous item he least I think it is funny.

but my real favorite is ===>

or or or or or or

I don't know where these originated or I would give author's credit to them.

meanwhile, enough for today.


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