Sunday, October 4, 2020

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 SIGH!   Sometimes I marvel at my incompetents at being a marketing genius.  Here I am - 8 plus months into the "hide-from-your-neighbors" period of my life - sitting and watching on my back porch as the world squeaks by.  Nothing of wonder or true excitement has been created within my habitat.  I write.  I read.  I eat.  I sleep.  I play ball with Oscar.  I ... well, you should get the idea by now.  The Corsicana Swing Orchestra doesn't rehearse, so I don't have that little game of fun.  You'd think I could use my brain and find a way to make some more bread.


ASIDE:  I did make some bread a few months ago.  I like making bread.  I have a couple of recipes which produce fine tasting bread with minimum amount of effort.  Maybe, more bread should be made soon.  I love home made bread.  But, the bread I am speaking about in the previous paragraph has nothing to do with eating.  MONEY!!

2ND ASIDE:   Above I said I was "sitting and watching."  This IS the correct word to use.  You set something down - like a vase.  (I set the vase down. )  You people sit down.  Well, I am just-a- wonderin' in this singular case, since the world has forced me to remain on my back porch, have they not "set" me down?  Thus, wouldn't I be "setting and watching"  rather than "sitting and watching?"  It's amazing what crosses the mind when  you are slowly retreating into madness.


I have railed about our local paper in the past, The Corsicana Daily Sun.  It is a dying newspaper which the locals can't figure out.  Instead of planning for a future and growth, they do the opposite.  Our paper cuts back its print editions.  Some fool has told them that the internet news is the wave of the future.  Nonsense.   How many people go to the internet to read the news.  I'm sure they have a statistic.  They are wrong.  The paper is about to wither up and die.  You should always plan for growth and make moves that way.  On the plus side:  Less grammatical errors, less improper use of our English language,  less common mistakes that would make an real editor shiver with discontent, and less intellectual commentaries to plow through.  

We had a Methodist preacher here a few years back that tried to plan for growth and the future:  Bayard was his name.  Our church could only look backwards, and in the tradition of Methodist churches, he was transferred.  Our present Preacher is doing an excellent job.  He was the right person for this job when he came.  One of Bayard's saying was to govern for growth and (in my words) execute.

But, once again, I have veered off my desired path into a different subject.  Money.  Why have I not been able to create anything from this Covid-Stupid to make my life richer and better?  I am embarrassed.  I am dumbfounded.


VEERING OFF AGAIN:  In the Saturday edition of our worthless newspaper are the Sunday comics and the Parade Magazine plus numerous coupons to be discarded.  This week's edition of the Parade features an interview with Sienfeld.  He has a book coming out - publicity is good.  One of the questions is, "Dog or Cat?"  His response is point on.  "Dog.  I have two dogs, but they're not real dogs.  They're dachshunds...."

Right he is.  I have an improved vision of Sienfeld now.  We never - and I mean never - watched his TV show.  It didn't make sense to me.  Well, I had to have watched it some to have formed that opinion.  It was so much fun for so many; but not for me.     "But Not For Me"  great song.  I love to hear Ella sing it.   "They're writing songs of love; but not for me..."  I can hear her now.


Moving on.

On Page 2 of the Parade Magazine is an advertisement for: TheraBreath.   I quote from the adv.   

"Bad breath can get REALLY BAD when wearing a mask.   STOP MASK BREATH.   Dentist formulated oral rinse.  Use twice a day to keep your breath, and your mask, smelling great.  Stay safe, America."     

Yes, keep America safe.  Isn't that wonderful?  Let's think about this.  Stop mask breath!  Here we are being forced to wear a mask daily, and we must smell our own breath.  What a concept.  Save the public from your breath.  Save America!   Stay safe!   Wear a mask!!  Refresh your mask breath.   This company has a marketing genius on staff.  Use TheraBreath, when you want to NOT offend the person you love the very most - yourself.  Wear the mask - save the street from your breath - Keep Safe America  - and breathe only your own fresh smelling breath.  Hang the onions and chili beans.  TheraBreath!!!  TheraBreath for you!!  TheraBreath for America!!  Stop Mask Breath!!  Stay Safe America!!


Before I leave, let's deal with something less important.  Shall it be:  World Peace?  Starving children in Africa?  Socialism vs. democracy?  Our failing educational system?  Electric vs. gasoline cars?  Whitey-Tighties?


I have decided to bless you with a photo of my boy dogs Bruno (left) and Oscar (the Ball Boy)  They were sitting on the kitchen floor in hopes of a morsel of accidentally discarded food.  {I love spell check - it keeps me from looking unschooled - "Accidently" is a fine example.}  Here are the boys & his green ball.

That's it.  Take care America.

TheraBreath!!        Just breathe.



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