Saturday, October 24, 2020

it is what it is

 I believe that I write best when I am in a good mood ... better when I am in a really good mood.  I thought I was in a good mood when I started just one sentence ago writing the above title.  I have made a mistake.  The Texas Tech (my alma mater) Vs. West Virginia football game is on my TV.  Just as I began to type, three words typed and West Virginia runs a trick play.  The game is now in jeopardy.

Frankly, I don't watch much football on TV.  Several years back, the networks quit showing halftime performances.  I quit watching.  But, when it comes to Tech, I have to sneak a peak once in a while.  What if they turned the corner and became good.  I wouldn't be able to brag cause I didn't know.   As it is, we trod on.  Maybe they will pull this one out.


Today was another Adventure.  Laura and Tom picked us up, and we traveled a few miles south on I45 to Fairfield and Sam's Restaurant.  Sams has a nice buffet with plenty of good salads, friendly staff,  and 4 different meats:  Chicken fried Steak with mashed potatoes and gravy; fried fish with unlimited shrimp;  fried chicken -about as crusty good as can be fried; and their best -- BBQ sliced beef.   The BBQ was their forte when first they started; and, it is as good now as years past.

Your plate can be adorned with side dishes of okra, pinto beans, macaroni, french fried potatoes, mashed same, the list continues.  My precious family thought I over ate.  Well, nonsense.  At the price Sam's charges, over-eating is a must.  I had the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes and gravy with okra followed by 3 pieces of fish with a pile of shrimp, topped off by some sliced BBQ and sauce.   Well, yes, I did have a salad.  Well, sorta.  A few pieces of lettuce with 5 cherry tomatoes atop and liberal slices of bell pepper and cheese and radishes.   Of course, I had to get a couple of peppers and green onions.   The unsweet tea was refreshing - all 3 glasses full.  

Did I mention that Sam's brings a loaf of fresh baked bread to the table - you can have cornbread if you wish, why, I don't know???  The bread is so good it could make you forget to watch the football game.

Normal people top off their meal with an enormous piece of pie - or two - or three - or cake.   I had the no-sugar-added (sweetner added) peach cobbler.   it was a fine meal and I do thank Laura and Tom for feeding me... Sometimes, they have fine ideas.  This was one.  Yum.

It is a birthday present.  I turn 80 in about a week and a half.   It is seven hours later, and I am still not hungry. Wonder Why?  I could use some of that fine homemade bread soaked in BBQ sauce.


It is a good day.  It is nice to get out.  It is nice to be around relatives.  

It is nice to overeat.  (It is not nice to be uncomfortable from over-eating.)

moving on,


ps. Tech won 34-27  It is still a good day.

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