Monday, February 10, 2014

Some stuff from news and other Ramblings

Glory Glory Glory  ( demonstrative words need to come in trips )
2 bluggies in one day.

#1  The Westminster Dog show is tonight and tomorrow night. I am thinking I will record it so I don't miss seeing the wire-hair dachshund.   Here is a story posted by AOL.

Live streaming of all breed judging is available on  and on the official 2014 Westminster show app.  There seems to be an app for everything.  Evening session will be broadcast live on CNBC from 7 to 10.  and on Tuesday: USA channel from 7 - 10. Of course, this will be when they crown the Wirehair Dachshund Best-In-Show.   You just wait and see.  The time has come. 
#3  Speaking of tubas.  I have one for sale.  A Yamaha 4 valve upright tuba.  They are expensive, and I can make you a good deal.  Perfect shape?  you ask.   I don't think so.  If you have a need. Find me.
#2  We missed it, but last Saturday was the Ennis Czech Music Festival with such fine bands as the Moravians, the Ennis Czech boys, the Czech Harvesters and the Jodie Mikula Orchestra.  If you want to see more about it:  Did I mention it was held in Ennis?   The big Ennis festival comes later in the spring.  They have several nights of Czech music and a big-ole parade full of people pretending to be of Czech descent.   My wife's - as you may know - mother was 100% Czech and did not speak English until she went to elementary school.
We are looking forward to the spring event and all those accordions and tubas.
#4  Moscow seems to be having a crime wave - an epidemic if you must - people are stealing squirrels from parks and selling them for pets.  You can get about $5,000 rubles for them - that would be $144 in American currency.  The fine for this act of poaching is 20,000 rubles  (about $573 in ours).
      Of note is Alexandra Mishenko, a local retiree who feeds the squirrels in Moscow's parks. When interviewed, she said (eyes welling with tears), "We should gather people together and pelt the person who does that with snow."   Vitnija Saldava of the AP reported this;  and, we thank her.
#5   Read this in the newspaper - lots of stuff in the paper during February about Black History Month:   Songwriter Tom Lehrer, who said at 37  "It is a sobering thought that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for two years."  The article goes on to talk about   MLK being killed at age 39.  I'm sure those two facts are related because they were in the same newspaper article and paragraph.
#6  This could be a blog in itself.   Think of all the songs that came out during WWII.  There was Sentimental Journey, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, I'll Walk alone, In the Mood and many other Glenn Miller hits, Swinging on a Star, Don't Fence Me In, All or Nothing at All, Amor, I'll be seeing you, American Patrol, Chattanooga Choo choo, Over There, and on and on and on...  That was in the 1940s, well over 50 years ago.
Now - the question.  Name me one new song that has come out since Afghanistan that will be remembered in 50 years....just one.
#7  Number Last - this is an ugly color - try again - There now, that looks better.   This was reported in the Dallas Paper on Feb 7 by Martin Fackler of the NY Times.  It seems that in Japan, a composer of classical music and others works (I'd guess),  Mamoru Samuragochi, has shown to be a fraud  A"part time lecturer at a prestigious music college in Tokyo,  Takashi Nilgaki, has been ghost writing all of Mamoru's music.  He's been doing this since the 1990s.  Takashi felt guilty because one of the ghost works is being used by a Japanese figure skater in the Olympics. Mamoru, I should mention, is reported to be deaf, making his compositions even more special - the Japanese Beethoven some said.  But, Takashi asserted that Mamoru had never been deaf. So, if I can find a dumb enough musician, I can pay him to my name on his works - I would rocket to fame.  Way to go Mamoru. 

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