Monday, February 10, 2014

Greta & dog show info

I realize you folks don't live with our concerns day after day. Being retired limits our concerns somewhat. When something happens to one of our dogs, it is a major event. I suppose if we lived near the gran-girls, their everyday happenings would ring sharply with us too.
If you read my previous posting, Greta, our 10 lb blond (wheaten) 13 1/2 yr old dachshund became paralyzed on her right side. She could not move either leg on the right side. When she tried to walk, she would just roll over on her back or side with the good legs flailing in the breeze. It was simply put - pitiful to watch.
Our vet has a laser treatment program. When our Liesl lost her control of her back legs, 3 treatments and she was running in the back yard. The word "Amazing" is reserved for people who have heart transplants. We will use "unbelievable" for dogs. How can a laser run down the back - or wherever - cure a bad spinal column? I don't know. Unbelievable!! I told the vet that it seemed like black magic to me. Still, it worked for Liesl in one week's time.
His laser program is for seven treatments and $240. Normally they are spaced about 2 or 3 days apart. Greta has 2 more treatments remaining. One tomorrow and one while we are set to be out of town (creating a dilemma).
THE BOTTOM LINE: I carried Greta out this morning to wet and pooh - or in Jim's former words: woo and wee ( I call it Whoopee when they do both in one setting - UH, sitting ). I placed her on the grass for a successful Whoopee. That done, she was returned to the back porch where she began to walk to the back door, over the threshold, into the house, and onto a cushion. Albeit, she struggled with every step - but her right side is working enough to move forward and turn corners.
Glooorrrrrrrry Beeeeee!! We are so proud of her effort. Frankly, she has no idea she is making an effort - dogs just do what they do. If she were a human, we know it would take major thinking, counseling, a lot of tears, holding hands with relatives, and months of major exertion to arrive at these result. But, a dog is a dog. She does what she does when she does it. And she thinks little of it expecting no reward. Aren't they amaz..... wait ..... aren't they unbelievable?
So the laser treatments seem to be working - OR perhaps she would have gotten better on her own and the Vet is simply running a flashlight down her back with a wink to his assistants. Who knows? For me it is $240 well spent and the removing of my guilt feelings.
as a final note to those who have struggled this far :
The Westminster Dog show is tonight and tomorrow night. Here is a story posted by AOL.

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