Monday, January 6, 2014

more pot pouring

Today is Monday.  My wife had quilt guild this morning and I had a dermatology appt this afternoon.  They froze 5 little things off my face and said to come back in a year.  I hate doctor visits.
Yesterday was a trip to Dallas to visit Jim & E after heart transplant.  9 days ago was the transplant.  She is living in an apartment near Baylor Hospital.  She makes many a trip over to Baylor for medical stuff.  We packed up in the car - she in her mask and house shoes - and ate at Cindy's on Central Expwy.  Interesting and busy restaurant. Our dogs were quite pleased to see our return (after dark).      They were chilled and hungry.  Greta even finished off her bowl before Oscar - that is a rarity.
Daughter Christine came to visit over the weekend and we went to Canton on Sat. Bought absolutely nothing except a diet coke or two.  I love going to Canton.  The varied merchandise is fun to see - plus - we got to see the puppies in Dog Town. Lunch was eaten at a Chinese Buffet.  My fortune cookie told me "Now is a good time to expand your repertoire of skills and knowledge."   So I went back for an extra egg roll.  Some skills need practice.
Where they froze my face, it itches.  Man does it itch.  For your FYI info:  laser surgery to correct a torn retina hurts a lot more during the process than freezing the smile on your face - not that you asked.
With 20 degree weather outside, my dogs are staying inside unless pushed out to irrigate the soil.  My ball-playing ball boy Oscar is going stir crazy - I believe it would be known as cabin fever.  The others sit and stare, but not Oscar.  I am looking forward to his bedtime.  The north wind coming off the lake is just flat brutal.  Ice has formed along the shoreline.  Tough weather.
I do have some other fortune cookie things:
Only talent people get help from others  (saying is over my understanding head)
One thought driven home is better than 3 left on base (  ah soooo)
Let hatred turn into friendship because of your existence.   (not for me)
Luck sometimes visits a fool, but it never sits down with him.
You are the evening star in someone's romantic eyes.
You have a deep appreciation of the arts and music.  (wife got this one while I got the           romantic eyes one)
Keep it simple.  The more you say, the less people remember.
With that one I should close.  
I have started on the new journey of re-reading the Hobbit - see previous post about the annotated edition given to me by daughter Laura -  I work through about one chapter per day reading all the footnotes and additions.  Frankly, it is quite interesting. You should try it.   I may do the Lord of the Rings again next.  
The spouse started the new season of Down-Town-Abbey last night.  She sat in front of that TV for 2 hours and didn't fall asleep.  Amazing - almost as amazing as someone getting a heart transplant or Greta eating faster than Oscar...nobody beats Fritz to the bottom of the bowl.  Off track:  I am pleased that i did not get hooked on the Abbey show.  It might be really good; but, now, I don't HAVE to watch it.
As I type Oscar is behind me on the floor with the ball in his mouth whining - waiting for me to throw the ball - inside.  I'll keep it simple and close.  More later.

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