Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today:   January 7th  is my little boy Fritz's 12th birthday.   We bought him at a little ranch north of Hearne. We drove to Hearne on that Feb/March day to see what they had.  Our 2 year old Greta rode in the back seat sleeping.  Greeting us was a monstrous white dog - Pyrenees - This big dog hung out and protected their doxies and goats against bad animals.  My Marauder still sports a scratch where that big dog stood on the side of my car and stuck his head inside to lick.
We went inside and a little black and tan wirehair puppy was placed in front of us on the floor.  It was so cute that it hurt.   Having been told that one's older dog needs to meet the new puppy before buying, we brought Greta inside.   At 8 pounds she towered over that little boy.  We had visions of breeding grandeur with this pair.  That never worked out as Fritz had problems getting the process down.  You do realize that his inability to understand English interfered with me explaining the process.
Dutifully we place Greta beside the tiny puppy.  She looked at him, took a sniff or two, and moved on to other things. So the great introduction experiment sailed out the window.  Paying our money, Fritz joined our household.  I believe he rode on my wife's lap all the way home wrapped in a towel.  Such a good puppy.
Fritz at 12 and Greta at 14 means we have several sad days in front of us. Dachshunds seem to live about 15 - 16 years or so.  Our little Liesl is a year younger than Fritz.  The twins turned four this year.  I say all this as Greta stands at my feet popping my leg with her nose:  "Pick me up!"
We had a birthday party this evening - no hats or little horns.  Instead my wife and I sang Happy Birthday to Fritz (after paying the royalty fees to the composer of course) and each dog was given some doggy ice cream - puppy paws or something like that. Man that was a treat.  Since Fritz, we believe, is becoming a bit deaf, ya might just say that our excellent music fell on deaf ears.  He could care less.  
Earline  -- our heart transplant girl (see previous posts) has a birthday tomorrow.  If she gets doggy ice cream, it will not be because we drive to Dallas with a quart.  
But, should she read this  - then -
Happy Birthday Earline   
Happy Birthday Fritz
You such a good hungry boy.

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