Wednesday, January 15, 2014


On a plain
Far away
Sits a cow
Named Faye
She was not an ordinary cow.  She was special in so many different ways.  And, trust Faye to leap at each and every opportunity to explain.
For you see - her name was not just Faye.  but rather it was, as she might gleefully recite,  
Clara (after a very well-known cow)
Doris (after her aunt)
Elsa (after another and well-known cow)
Harrietta (she thinks this should have been Henrietta since her father's name was Henry)
Klingenhoffer (a name with an especially lovely sound she thought)
Who else on the great plain had such a fine and distinguished name?  No-one she knew.
For now Faye sits, her back legs extending straight out with her front legs parked between.  She was thinking about her very special name and why everyone chose to call her just Faye.  It was such a waste of the other fine names.  All of her brothers and sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles had such common names like: Jack, Jersey, John, George and Oreo.
This last name bothered Faye quite a bit.   What was so great about being named Oreo?  Just because Oreo was black on both ends and white in the middle, is that any reason to pick a name? It is like naming a wiener dog Oscar Meyer  or  a goat Cheese.   Even worse was her very good friend Oink.
But her very bestest friend of all was Spot.  You can guess what he looked like.
Now on this particular day, Fay was sitting and thinking.  Some days she sits and thinks, and other days she just sits....
(maybe more later)

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