Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Store Names

Made the Yarn road trip with Christine and my wife Brenda Joy.  It was a good day.  I noticed how the yarn shops all have cutesy names - must be the work of creative females.  I'll remind you of the names we visited: Strings; N Yarns,  Needle Haus, Knitting Fairy, Googly Eyes, Sassy Spinster, Shabby Sheep, and my daughter's favorite  Yarn Heaven in Arlington.  You have to admit these are great names, especially The Knitting Fairy.
I started thinking, yes, it does happen at times.  It'was not too deep thinking, just thinkin'.  My wife likes the quote from somebody in our past:  "Sometimes I sits and think, other times I just sits."    But that is off topic for today.  Store titles is my thing.  In a sporatic process and using my Parker Pen on a section of the Dallas News, I came up with a few names for a business.  
Now I know you won't do this, but down at the bottom of this is the word comments.  Perhaps you have thunk of a great business store front name.  Send it to me.  Now, not tomorrow.
Tool Store  --  Twist N Turn
Tire Shop -- Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Kitchen Supplies -- The Rolling Pin
Parker Pen shop -- The Rolling Pen
[ y'see, you get on one thing and just can't leave it alone ]
Auto Salvage Yard -- Crash N Burned
Oil change -- Slick's 
Lumber Yard -- Sticks N Stones
Iron Smelter -- Steely I  (s)
Boating Sales -- Floating Pretty
Trucking Co. -- Pullin' 4 U
Service Station -- No Beans, Just Gas
Landscape -- Legal Grass
Auto Parts -- Putt Putt Parts
Used Trucks -- Just Truckin'
Oil Well Repair -- Greased Back 
Construction Company -- We Digg U
Guitar Store --  Fretting
Pork BBQ -- Squeal's
Swimming Pool -- Stroke and Float
Tobacco Shop  --  Puff and Stroke
Motel --  
Think I will stop there.  Think of a business and send me a note.


  1. Motel...Dew Drop Inn
    Beauty Salon....Curl Up and Dye
    Music Store...Note-ables
    Religious Book Store...Cross Country

    Okay, that is all my brain wants to come up with right now. Have fun with this!

  2. those were good....if we can get enough, we can write a book...