Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Observation #1

It just came to me in a  hot flash*  that I have observations - no wait, the wife has had hot flashes - mine are more like a warming of my toes.  This will be my first one that is numbered.  Universally, we all can have brilliant observations or epiphany observations or "I just noticed" observations or, sometimes, "embarrassing to my family" observations      [those would be less-than-brilliant and spoken out loud in the presence of others  ].
This morning I had a brilliant observation which may affect the way that I live.
#1:   When you go to bed at night and leave a half glass  of***  tea in the frig because you are too cheap to throw it away...
         And when you get up the next morning and work  outside**  in the warm weather, coming in about 9:30 or 10:00 for a drink...
         That glass of tea is sooooo very very cold and goooood to drink.  Some might think it is wonderful. 
         You may choose to observe this on your own time.  Tonight, perhaps.
   * hot flash:  Over my years I have learned not to downgrade a hot flash in any conversation.
   ** please note previous blog where wife went to Waxahachie and bought plants
   ***I was going to write "a half glass of undrunk tea"  but my spell check had a freakin' fit.  Then, I debated putting in:  "  a half glass of  { drinked, drunk, dranked, drunked, drained } tea - and let you choose the correct entry, like we all had to do in English grammar class many a year back.  I would have pretended I knew the right answer all the long.
I have something else to add though it is unrelated to Hot Flash or Observations or Planting or Cold Iced Tea in the morning's rising heat.....
As you may have noticed, I rarely use the word Blog.  Too many people have Blogs.  They write and rant   (that should be "right and rant" for the alliteration) - they do, talk talk talk.  Since this be da case, I prefer the term  Blug.  Don't you think Blug more accurately describes these tomes?
Then I  can be bluggy, not bloggy.   Anyway, a friend said that the term Blug was irritating.  
And as with all BLUG writers, we do need a little drama to bring in the readers...so BLUG it is, and BLUG it shall continue.  Read heartily my lads.
See ya guys on the next Bluggy Blug.

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