Sunday, July 31, 2011

Son Roger, leg transplant

This is a short stone because I left it out on purpose.

I have a fear - if you talk about the wrong thing - a burglar or criminal or crook or scum  will read and know when to rob your house.  We have so little to rob - plus we have the dogs here - plus the alarm system on the house - plus my machine gun and rocket launcher mounted on the roof of the garage - automatic with radar.

Anyway, son Roger just had an operation in Arlington about 3-4 weeks ago.  Now I won't get this totally correct and Roger is welcome to add corrections at the bottom of the page - think blogville calls them comments. 

His knee has been bad for some time.   My left knee had the cleanout process back in about 2002 or so -- I was marching in a parade through downtown Manor and stepped into a pot hole - the left knee was never the same.  My stone:  Had it cut into the week of Thanksgiving that year.  By the time I returned to school the following week, I could hobble just fine.  As an fyi, I learned that when you come home from day surgery and are collasped on your recliner trying to return to the world of real people -- never drink a coke and eat a banana at the same time.  I became a fountain of banana Coke - good thing someone found a bucket fast.

Back to Roger.   They cut open his knee and downward.  The replace the entire top part of his bottom leg - not the femur but the tibula - man my 10th grade biology is failin me now.  What do I care, stupid coach teacher,  really knew little about biology - but that is a different stone.

Roger had a bone transplant.  No, i don't know where they got the bone.  It was the cartlidge, cartlege, cartelegesthing -- that plastic stuff between your knee and the leg bone.  They sliced off part of his bone and slipped the new one over it with good plastic stuff - not really plastic, I just cannot spell Kartelegedges.  I choose to not look it up.  Being smart about this is not my priority right now.

So his leg is healing - 6-% weight on it now.   Isn't it amazing they can replace part of a leg bone.  Amazing.

that's enough.  It is this operation and subsequent resting of the Roger that encouraged us to take the granddaughters for 2 weeks of GrammyCamp 2011.  that's it.  g'night.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Roger's leg, but so glad they could fix it. I had my knee 'fixed' a couple of weeks ago. I tripped and fell, which isn't unusual for me, but this time messed up a minuscus. whatever that is, and had to have surgery to it repaired. I walked out of surgery, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt!!! And still does occasionally, which gives me ample time to read blogs and ramble on in the comments. :D