Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011, Day 1

In our world, we have Grammy Camp.   Three granddaughters come to visit for a week.  It is Grammy Camp.   This year, the traditional week has morphed into nearly 2 weeks.  I suppose this works out for all.

We drove to Cisco, TX to meet Roger & Penney driving in from Lubbock.  Somehow we had to drive 20 minutes longer than Roger did, but he did treat me for a feast at the Cisco Dairy Queen.  

The trip home - with 3 in the back seat - was relative uneventful.  Sure we had a couple of "Stop that"  and  "Quick Singing" - you get the idea -- "she's touching me"  Surely you remember your own youth or kids.  I think back to my youth - I was the youngest for years and the smallest - I touched nobody.  My two older brothers could make me hurt.  but I degress.

The trip home worked out fine.  We arrive here, unloaded the trunk, let the dogs out of the Pit, ate burgers, did one craft activity, walked out on the dock (we seem to have about 4 ft of water still - the lake is sinking fast) --   baths, bed, and hopefully silence for a while.

Tomorrow day 2 of Grammy Camp.  I will try to give a report as time goes by.

oh yeah, never heard of this,  our craft - G'girl oldest, 11, Megan, told us about how to tie unfilled small balloons to the crossbars of flipflops.  You just tie a little knot till the whole strap is covered in multi-colored balloons (un-aired).  Sorta cute and they love em.   So we bought 2 packages of balloons and new $2 flip flops at Walmart.   Tomorrow we buy another 4 packages of balloons = 2 will never be enough if you buy only 2 to start with.....  That    IS  a law of nature.


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