Sunday, March 19, 2023

winter bluz

I'm tired of cold weather.  I am as tired of cold weather as I was last summer when I was tired of hot weather.  We did not have spring last year.  We did not have fall last year.  THUS - I'm tired of not having spring and fall.  I'm tired of other things too.

If that  paragraph was not profound, what is?

Our garden is taking shape; or, it was taking shape until the temperature dipped to 30 degrees last night.  What is with this?  I live in Texas.  It is not suppose to get this cold right now.  Now, don't go arguing with me about our average freeze date.  Intelligent arguments have no place here.

I have a house full of tomato and pepper plants and Black Diamond watermelon plants waiting on warmer weather.  Our peas and beans have sprouted outside.  We even have a carrot or two plus radishes growing.  May have to start over.  I'm ticked off.


Think I'm gonna go sit in the corner and eat worms.


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