Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Eyes have it

 After many months of waiting (last April), my wife went in today and had her eyes scanned in anticipation of her (I like to say) Cadillac surgery.  When you can't spell a certain word, find one that is close and use it.  Remember to smile.

Considering how much this surgery may cost - BMW surgery may be a better title.  I would have said Lambogeenee Surgery if I knew how to spell that word.  Of course, my puter wants to help me with the spelling.  But, I don't care.  If you care, look it up.

After looking at the little bright light in the doctor's office and being scanned, we went to another building where different docs listened to her heart.  The logic:  When she has "Cadillac" surgery, if something should go wrong, they can say they checked my wife over and she was okay.  If that isn't close to a run-on sentence, I'm not working hard enough.

Outside one of the waiting rooms, we asked a nurse type person if they had a good waiting room.  I was just being full of nonsense.  

She stopped and said, "No, it's not.  It doesn't have whiskey."   We all chuckled.   I love it when people can do their job and still keep their tongue in the cheek.

After all of the testing, a stop was made at the Golden Corral.  In the past 2 weeks we have eaten at a couple fast food places.  The Golden Corral was within a dollar of each.  At the G.C. you get real food and a salad.  You want a burger?  They gots it.  You want meat loaf?  Buckle up your silver belt and call me Cowboy.  They gots that too.  Fried fish & hushpuppies - black eye peas - chicken, fried with too much crust - and sweets galore.  I once knew a dancer by that name:  Pretty little Sweets Galore.  Quite a dancer.

Walking across one of the doctor parking lots today, we passed a rusting white mini-van. . . bumper sticker on the back window:   My dachshund is smarter than your Honor Student.  I believe that says it all.  Our Sadie is way above average.

love ya,


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