Monday, October 24, 2022

Every new week is "new" (different)

It seems that each week is arriving at a much faster rate.  This is almost a cliche.  The older you get, the faster the years fly by.  It may not be for everyone, but for me - t'is true.  I suppose a young guy sitting on death row might have a different interpretation.  For me - things are going by really fast.  Do you remember how long it took for Christmas or your birthday to arrive when you were younger?  Not  anymore Charlie.

I just finished up the radiation treatments when we were thrown into my wife's cataract surgery.  (As I have noted before, it should be called Cadillac Surgery $$$).  A week ago Tuesday, I took her to the Pavilion (Baylor Scott & White eye place) for surgery.  They told us to arrive at 9:50 - - no earlier, just 9:50.  We did.  Checked in and found our special room.  She had to wear a hospital gown only on her top half.  Blue jeans were fine for the remainder - AND - I liked this one - she had to wear her shoes to surgery.  Yep.  Shoes.  Why?  They don't want her bending over to put on the shoes especially if it makes her head go lower than the heart.  Who'd a thunk?

We were hardly in the room when the process began.  About 10:20, she was rolled down the hall while I stayed in the room to wait.  The nurse gave me the remote control: "Husbands always want the remote."  I had brought a couple magazines and a Sudoku paperback to keep busy.  10:20 rolled out  - by 11:05 she was rolled back into the room,  wide awake and ready to go.  Mind boggling.  

They had put lots of drops in the eyes so she couldn't see clearly.  Nurse:  "That will go away by afternoon."   Wrong.   All afternoon and evening all I heard was something like, "I can't see."  It pleasured me when she went to bed.

Morning blossomed, and it was:  "I can see. I can see."  She went from one thing to another pointing out what she could see  -- a man on his lawn 2 blocks away --  the house numbers on the house across the street.   Marvelous.  Later that day, back to the doctor for a check over we traveled.  He thought she was doing fine except she had pressure in her eye.  10 ro 20% of people have pressure after surgery.   I didn't watch.  He used some machine up against the eye.  I'm guessing he poked a little hole in the eye to let off pressure.  Yes, I didn't watch.

Here's another bit:  Doc said that people normally have eyes that are size 23 --  I do  suppose that is MM.  whatever.  Her eyes are size 21.  He said that she had very little eyes.  I held my tongue and said nothing about "beady little eyes."  Probably helped save my life at the time.

For the past week:  I put eye drops in her eyes 4 times a day.   Two different prescriptions RX, 4 times a day.  Later this week it goes to 1 prescription 4 times daily.  She has these clear plastic big lenses that are taped over her eyes at night.  It keeps her from rubbing the eyes during the middle of the night.  Frankly, this was a tough battle to fight.  You must wear the lenses overnight.  No argument.  Wear the lenses over night.   


Done.  another appt later this week; then, a final appt. in a month to check if she will need glasses - reading whatever.  I'm glad it is over and the eye drops are nearing their conclusion.   

I'm next though.  Probably, this time next year, he will do my eyes.  I like this guy.  Personable, knowledgeable, no indecisions, and good at answering questions.              Dr. Mark Morgan.  

Now we move quickly into whatever comes next.  There will be something in the near future.  What?  

Mtz on the back porch enjoying the cooler weather.

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