Saturday, May 21, 2022

if'n it aint one thing ....

 Going for more sympathy now:

My daughter went to a party last week.  Her friend's daughter had just graduated A&M  (we all have our cross to bear)  with a her Vet degree.  Several folks were there.  She came home.

About a day later she was wheezing and all those things.

She slept for 2 days moaning around the house.

Now about 2 - 4 days later, the spouse and I are wheezing and all those things.  We went to the doctor.  That was fun.  2 different docs, same clinic.  Both diagnosed us differently of course.  Since the lab at our clinic was already closed, I could not get the covid test.  So we went out in the Temple community to find one.  WALMART!!!     Back out to the car, swabbed my nose.  The test went to Covid almost immediately.  Wife was swabbed.  Her's did not say Covid.   That doesn't make sense.

We went to a pharmacy and picked up my Covid 5 day solution to the problem.   But, we couldm't get it for the spouse. No doctor RX.  \

Thus the tale is continued.  I would like to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Regarding my previous blog about prostate cancer (see below) = I have received numerous messages about it.   You might be surprised by the number of people who have had this AND I NEVER KNEW.  I am getting the idea that it is taboo to talk about this subject.  Well, I plan to keep you informed what torture they put me through.

I now have appts. with Radialogy Oncology and Hemotology Oncology.  Sounds fun.

smile - keep coughing - and stay tuned.


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