Sunday, May 29, 2022

Covid - one week plus has passed

 just because I knew you'd worry ....

Our Covid has seemed to pass.  It has been a week since our trip to the emergency room.  Sure - a cough here - a runny nose there - general tiredness at inopportune times.   But, we are not sleeping 24 hours a day now.  I only slept 9 hours last night.  

I even ventured out once to get the mail.  Talk about Mr. Fun Guy.  That's me.  I spit on the mailbox just to see if I could infect the carrier (actually, not true;  I lied.)

Tuesday, between 7 a.m. and noon, men will arrive to install our new washer/dryer.  The old dryer (see previous posts) died.  Daughter found online how to remove computer board and solder a fix.  But it seems to me - if something has happened to burn the computer board the first time, it is only a matter of time before there is another surge of power which destroys another part of the board.  Perhaps next time, the board won't stop the problem - and a fire will follow.   

I don't want a fire.  The old dryer is more than 10 years old.   It is time.

The non-matching washer, still working fine, is about 4 years old.  It is going to me dotter's rent house to serve out its life chugging happily forward.  Back when the actual "matching" washer died 4 years ago, it would have cost more to replace the computer board than to replace the washer.   That does seem to be somewhat wrong to me.  We gave the old broken washer back to Sears, and bought another ... thus the "non-matching" washer is setting in my garage.   Make ya a deal on it - no delivery.  I'd give you the broken dryer ... uh, still, no delivery.

Roll your eyes now.   I got my income tax filed.  I expect a refund.  I know the rule is:  work your money in order to not get any refund.  That doesn't work for me.  I would have to file quarterly if I did that.  It is not in my nature to file quarterly unless a prison term is being held over my head.

With this, I close.


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