Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thurs, 25

Easter has passed.   April showers have washed over us in the past 2 days (we had well over 2 1/2 inches in our rain gauge). Everyone at church is all giddy about the choral and musical programs this past week.  I had minor to do with it other than holding down a chair on the back row.  That's plenty.
We are now into our 2nd week of waiting for the sprinkler system guy to send his workers.  Now I am perplexed whether to start calling him again or wait.

Last year, I waited over 2 weeks and finally did the job myself.  The problem this year has to do with digging up lines to find the leek - make that leak.  We don't grow no onions here.  Would.  but, don't.  I feel like it will be only 5 to 10 feet of digging down 2 feet.  Really folks, my knees are starting to bother me a bunch.  Digging like that can't be good for them.  Plus, with all the rain, water will seep  (NOT SEAP) into the dug ditches as they grow.  This is not good.  Reminds me of the old video game: Dig Dug.  Wonder if Dug is available.
Church choir lady handed out a new song for us to learn:  Joshua fit de battle of Jericho.   I have an issue here.  Notice the words "fit de."  At the start of the song, it says the song is arranged from a traditional spiritual.  Stay with me.   "Fit de" would be traditional words, I'd think.  Later in the song, the arranger writes  "and the walls came tumblin' down."    Still with me?   I believe the correct word is "come."  --"and de walls come tumblin' down."    So, here is the question.  If it is okay to fit de battle, why isn't it okay for the walls to come tumblin' down.
If the arranger is gonna get to-uh-changin' lyrics.  Let's try:
"Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, and the walls started falling down - or began falling - or - I could do this for quite a spell.  Those of you who have been keeping up here, understand.  Why not correct the entire lyric - not to mention, some of the notes have a bluesy effect.  Should we not check with 
J.S. Bach to get the correct harmony and musical line?  I would think so.  I realize Bach died.  Surely, there is a Bach fanatic who might help.
Maybe I should spend this time fussing about vocal arrangers who write for small church choirs and include B#  and  Cb  and double sharps  (that is B sharp and C flat and E sharp and F flat and double sharps and double flats).  I am impressed with their musicality - but "WHY?"

My #3 granddaughter is in 8th grade band in Frenship (Lubbock area).  Her band (a middle school) is coming to Dallas for a contest and spending the night.  I never took M.S. kids overnight unless it was an All-Region earned honor for them..  I'm thinking that over-night with 7th and 8th grade kids would be less than fun.... However, they are still young enough to scare.- well most are.  They get to go to Medieval Times and 6 Flags on the next day.   It should be fun for them and worthy of remembering.

Closing now.  luv, m

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