Friday, April 19, 2019

A Good Friday 4-19-19

This has been a Good Friday - actually it has only been a pretty good Friday.  The church choir sang a program tonight for the services.  My legs got very tired standing up there.   Some services are full of symbolism.  This one seems to have the most.  People seem to enjoy it though.  No problem here.
Bill Etheredge worked with me in Ardmore many years ago...late 70s / early 80s.  He was one of the directors that I enjoyed working with and knowing over the years.  Bill is in an Okla. City hospital in bad shape.   I hope they are able to fix him up.  It doesn't sound good though.
A few evenings ago, I was in the dog pit just as the sun was going down.   It was peaceful.  Then  in a nearby tree I heard a "Who-Who Who"   (half note, 2 quarters) .  An owl was calling - from a distance, a reply - too complicated to explain here -  just imagine a bunch of "whos."  My owl gave his signal followed by the distant answer.  You might describe it as a question and answer series.  After listening for a while - I answered with my own whos.  They seemed unimpressed.   I never saw them in the trees; but, I know they are out there.
Our housing development has an HOA website where people post stuff.  One of the gentlemen posted that he saw a real large cat entering our HOA tonight.  I assume this is either a bobcat or a cougar.  Either one is scary enough for me.   They are out searching for easy food supply.  I've noticed a lack of rabbits in the yard lately.   Sad.
I think I mentioned in an earlier posting that I have the motorhome back.  $1500.  I was previously told it would be $1000.  Camping World in Tyler - service dept - someone needs to take over that department and clean house.  At the least, someone needs to go in there and set up rules that service writers and mechanics should follow - no, make that "shall" follow.  If there normal customer service is what I received, they won't have to have a service department.  Boo!!! Camping World Tyler.
enough -  The Etheredge thing has really made me feel bad.   Time to do something else.

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