Monday, July 25, 2016

Friday night, 9 p.m.

Why izzit?
Let's think - a quiz - what happens on Friday night after 6 p.m.?  Numerous things.  Once I start here, you should be able to list a few more....
Friday night about 9 I'm sitting (squatting) at the computer going through the daily emails and notices that someone has tagged me on Facebook.  Boy Oscar is asleep on the pillow off to my right; the other dogs are sprinkled about the room;  the ceiling fan whirls above my head; a glass of tea awaits off to the left of the computer screen for my grasp; I am sweating.
Nobody sweats in their own home at 9 pm.  I was; and, it just dawned on me.  Why are there sweat bubbles forming on my forehead?  Now that is a logical question if it should occur to you to ask.  I asked?
ON WHAT TEMPERATURE has my wife set the hallway air conditioner control - known as a thermostat in some circles - to make me start sweating?   Taking a quick cool swig of the tea, I rotated my chair and found the thermostat.  
The thermostat screen was blank.  Nothing there.
This could mean only one thing.  It's not working.
Yes, I figured that out all by myself.
It's not working; and, it is 10 o'clock at night.  Outside is really dark.  This is the time of day (make that night) that snakes and bobcats frequent looking for the next snack.  I took a flash light and found the electrical breaker box.  Surely, our problem is a blown breaker.  Surely, that is the answer.
That is not the problem.  Before it was over, I threw every breaker in the box, all of them. 
This could mean only one thing.  The air conditioner is broken; it is 85 degrees outside; tomorrow was scheduled to be 100 degrees;  it is Friday night with little hope of a savior till the morning.  And, that proved to be a minor pipe dream.
Our house seems to be well insulated.  With the help of a ceiling fan, sleeping was not too uncomfy.
Sat. morn. I waited till 8:15 to make the call.  Nobody wants to look anxious.  Doesn't it seem logical that air cond people make their yearly money during summer months?  Thus, wouldn't the repair guy answer his phone early in morning while it is still cooler?  Nope.  it doesn't work that way.  I called again mid 9:00 area.   I had a fear that my guy might have taken the weekend off for a vacation.  It could happen.  
I looked up the store on the internet and sent an email.
That's it.  I sat beside my fan, cooling the best that I could.

Next thought, he'll call about noon - worked all morning and is now checking the phone messages.
We ate lunch being careful to not light the stove.
This has gone on long enough.  He called about 1:30.  We talked for a while over the phone.  He tried to diagnose the problem for me to fix.  But, all was not that easy.  Repair guy made it to my house and climbed the hall stairs to the attic.  It is hot up there.  He found a burnt wire.  He said that if the installer doesn't tighten up the nuts properly, eventually the wire will burn in two - or is that into two?  All in all, it wasn't so bad.
All is fine now.   30 minutes of work on a Saturday.  
What are ya gonna do?  I think I am lucky that it was only one little wire.
He had the skills and equipment to find the problem.
Someday he may need a trumpet player; then, I'll get my money back.

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