Sunday, February 22, 2015

winter's blast

It looks like we may get our first true blast of winter t'night & t'morrow.  Yes, we have had several days of 32 degree weather these past few months; but, the moisture is hanging-on with this cold snap.  North wind, chilling rain, and brrrrrr cold are plopping down on us hard.  Already - For sure our dog pack is being affected.   Going outside in the wet and cold is not fun for a low slung dachshund.  Just ask them.  They are such whiners.   Trips outside are few and far between ... none greeted with enthusiasm.
I can remember when I taught in Ardmore, All-District band was always in February.  And, you could count on cold weather pouncing on us.  More than once the ice and snow interfered with that weekend.   But, it does seem that Dallas always had worse weather than we did in southern Oklahoma.  The Arbuckle mountains were just north of the city.  I theorized - with zero expert training - that cold weather hit the mountains, rising over Ardmore just to fall back down near Dallas.   Tulsa, Norman, OK & "The City" had bad weather when we didn't.
One football season when our team played Norman H.S., I had the P.A. announcer introduce us as: "From the Sunny Side of the Arbuckles, The Pride of Ardmore, That Ardmore Tiger Band."   Not one person ever mentioned that bit to me.  I was so proud of the line.  It wouldn't hurt Ardmore to utilize / incorporate that line now into their promotional materials. 
So we wait for our wintry blast.   Our house faces almost straight north.  The wind whistles over the top of the lake right onto my back porch.  I am wearing more than one shirt right now...layer your clothes Santa Claus.  This missive may be called the Back Porch Stone; but, that back porch has no occupants as I type.  It shall remain void of humans or doxies.      Brrrrrrrrrrrrr
P.S.  There is a reason we didn't move back to Amarillo after retirement.  Blow Sandies Blow!!

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