Saturday, February 21, 2015

more pot pouring

We all have stuff in our lives.  
Some have more stuff than others.
Then, there are the hoarders.  I distinguish hoarders and myself by the product hoarded. Example: if someone won't throw away old newspapers = hoarder.  If someone won't throw away old National Geographics = not hoarder (me).  If someone has 5 dogs, not hoarder.  If someone has 104 cats living in the house with no sandbox = hoarder (also, crazy).    Maybe Hoarder does equal crazy.
I have lots of stuff which has no real value to anyone except me.  I'm sure there are people out there who would like to have my stuff or at the very least, some of it.  It is a running bit around here that I am going to open a museum which houses only my stuff that nobody else wants.  The museum would be located in an old building somewhere in the nice part of town.  .  . maybe I'd put bars on the windows to create the illusion of quality stuff stored inside.  
We'll be driving down the street and see a building sitting vacant that nobody else wants to rent or buy - it will be named as a potential museum site.  Today I came up with the name that I will put on the sign out front:    
                                            Metze's Museum
                                          Of Stuff Of No Value
                                       Admission Fee Charged            
                              No Refunds After you See & Agree

There are antique malls in the world that are divided into small sections/stores.   Individuals rent a small 12 x 12 foot space (size varies) to sell their antique treasures.   The guy at the front of the store takes the money and gives it to the space renter.  I don't understand why they don't have most of their stuff stolen off the shelves - no supervision really.  This Mall works somewhat for the little guy who could never afford to open a full antique store.  I like these places because the products are so varied.   It is good entertainment.  
Last week, we went into a local Mall and found a cookie jar.  It looked like an ole whiskey jug from the Ozarks.  But the lid lifted off to hold cookies - it was called a Cookie Jug.  Cute and worthless - went into my ( NOT WORTHLESS) accumulation of stuff.  It helps that my wife likes cookie jars too.
But the point has to do with the Mall and my Museum...  Let's say that I get this old building and install my stuff in one corner, secured in such a way that nobody can steal it.  Then knowing there are guys just like me, I rent spaces out to these guys for them to display their "junk" too.   Pretty soon all the old guys in town will want to rent an area to display their junk.
Here is an example of some of my stuff - NOT JUNK - Worthy Junk.  
I own may 3000 or more key rings.   Many years past daughter Christine went with the Texas Tech Plant Judging Team to Florida for a contest.  I'm proud of her for doing that in college. When she came home from Florida, she brought little token gifts for everyone.  College kids are not loaded with cash for high priced gifts.  My gift was a key ring from DisneyWorld ( I think ).  As an off handed remark, I said, "I guess I am collecting Key Rings now."  It never stopped.  I have thousands of keyrings.  Many are pretty nice.
Another time we had traveled to Levelland for Christmas.  As we were sitting around the house, I casually remarked about liking music boxes - and I do.  It dawned on me what I had said.   So, I quickly modified the remark by restating that I did not want one music box.  I wanted to own 300 music boxes, all at the same time. I explained that I didn't want one or two now or then - I want 300 boxes at one time - no in between.   I thought this would  calm the storm.  Nope.  I got music boxes for my birthday, Christmas, anytime it was right.   Now, I have around 200 or more music boxes all setting out in the garage or on shelves in the house.  I love music boxes and wouldn't get rid of any of them.  As a matter of fact, I bought one about 2 weeks ago at an estate sale.  .  .  pretty little thing with a Cardinal on top.   I love music boxes.
Post cards - really old ones and some newer ones.   I have a cabinet full of postcards.  They are NOT junk.
Furniture - I have a 15 drawer card file cabinet from a school library - a pink metal cabinet from a dental office - a schrade knife display case - a rather large glass sided display case from an old general merchandise store - a wooden egg hatching cabinet with 6 metal shelves - a butcher block table from a restaurant - a pink metal trash can with a swinging lid top - a Star Wars small trash can - the list can go on.   
I CANNOT GET rid of this stuff.   It is so good.  Who would want it?  And if they did want it, would it bring enough cash into the house to make a difference.  Take the egg hatching cabinet.  Let's say someone offered me $200 for it.  Fine.  I sell.  Now I have $200.   $200 is not worth much anymore.  It would be gone in a few weeks, and I would miss my cabinet.  See?
So I stop now.  This has gone on too long.  If you want to go through my museum soon, have your 75 cent admission fee ready in cash.  We don't do credit.  We don't take checks.  We don't give change.  Children must be supervised by parents.  Dachshunds admitted free.

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