Sunday, November 16, 2014

More TV crime knowledge

 My last post had to do with arsenic.  I know there are other poisons such as something with the name of Bane in it.  I forget.  It has no relevance in my present lifestyle.   Maybe poinsettia leaves might come up for discussion someday.  I'm still amazed they get aspirin from a tree.
So, therefore, by which, and la-de-dah - I continue my rambling.
Before I do - a note - I like V8 Hot and Spicy.  Regular V8 has a twang in the taste.  Hot & Spicy is way more expensive than good ole tomato juice.  Solution:  I take a glass and sprinkle salt into the bottom.  Next I give the glass a liberal squirt or four of Tabasco.  Finally, I stir in tomato juice.   It works.  I am happy.   One can of tomato juice will last me for three nighttime snacks.
Back to TV.  I must note that any mystery show or action thriller must - that is MUST - begin with a chase.  Whether it be a car chase - a motorcycle chase - a chase through the subway or airport - a skier chasing another - there MUST be a chase.  My theory is that without a major bang bang chase scene, the audience for whom this epic has been filmed, that audience will lose interest and turn to their cell phones for video games for entertainment.  Once the chase has ended certain events will surely transpire.
If our hero is a police hero, he will be yelled at by the Captain or the Chief because of his complete disregard for the safety of the public.  The chase will destroy at least 10 cop cars and a fruit cart.  You get the idea.  We have all seen these chases.  I might add that if the chase is in San Francisco, the cars will fly over the top of a hill and down the street creating sparks as it crushes the highway underneath.
All of these movies must have the obligatory restroom scene.  Either the girl follows the guy into the men's room or the guy follows the girl into the women's room.  Both are met by a stranger who quickly rushes out the door in dismay.   I don't know why they feel we must see our movie stars performing bodily functions as they verbally ramble on and on to another movie star.  
That's enough.  Is there something you have always seen?  Put it in the comments.  I'd love to see your observations.   Example:  if there is a dog named Lassie, she will save a child from a well.  You get the idea.

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